Job Reference #: 70-97084-17VZ

Wire manufacturing company is looking for operators for their Packaging department.

Job Purpose: To test electrical wire for defects, repair and re-spool for shipping.

There are 2 irradiation machines; one operator per machine.

Testing- The oven, strain of wire and radiation are tested 3-4 time per day and takes about 15 minutes.

Set-up- Takes about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending if the wire had to be re-strung through the machine.

Run Machine- The cycle time is about 1.5 hours.

Change over- The complete spool is changed about 10-12 times per shift.

Equipment- Variety of spark test machines, mats, wire cutters, roll movers, overhead lifts.

Overall Musculoskeletal Requirements- This position could require sustained standing and walking on cement floors. Healthy back strength, rotator cuff strength due to the amount of bending/reaching to move spools, setup procedures and take off spools. There also needs to be significant hand strength needed to strip wire during set-ups and testing.

Monday – Friday, 6am-6pm- straight 1st shift; Monday - Friday, 6pm-6am- straight 2nd shift.

Starting pay $12.00.

Possible temp to hire.

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If you have questions concerning this position, please contact Vanessa Zaragosa by 915-779-3794 or email

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  • Company Name: Burnett Specialists
  • Job Location: Lower Valley - El Paso, TX
  • Job Compensation: 12.00
  • Job Type: Temp