About our Texas Employment Staffing Agency

Celebrating 47 years helping careers and companies grow.

Our Story

Established in 1974, Burnett Personnel Services was founded by Sue Burnett with just five employees. Using her car as collateral and a $10,000 loan for the start-up, by the end of the first year, she had created a profitable company. Today, Burnett Specialists boasts an outstanding portfolio of 9 offices in 6 major Texas cities, including Houston, The Woodlands, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. In Dallas, we operate as Choice Specialists.

Over the past 45 years, Burnett has steadily grown into a nationally-certified, woman-owned business as well as the largest employee-owned staffing and recruiting agency in Texas.

Being an employee-owned company gives us an edge over our competitors because each employee exhibits and practices an “owner mentality.” Our candidates and client employers work side-by-side with an employee-owner of the company through every step of the hiring process.

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Burnett Specialists team

Work at Burnett

When people are your business every single day, the “People First” mentality stated in our Core Values does start with our customers; it begins with our team of dedicated employees. Our incredible team of tenured staff aren’t just co-workers, we are a family. We work hard, and we celebrate success. Even though it is our job to help companies and careers grow among candidates and employers outside our organization, we also pride ourselves in taking strides to increase internal employee engagement and retention.

Core Values

Defining the core pillars of our company’s identity and principles was a process designed and implemented after a substantial amount of operational observation and employee feedback. As an employee-owned business, it was necessary for us to determine the company’s values as a whole to set the standard for the way we conduct business.

An image of Burnett Specialists team
Burnett Specialists team


Unlike many staffing and recruiting agencies, we deliver the advantage of working directly with the owners of our company. In 2010, Sue and Rusty Burnett decided to give back to the people who helped make their growing company a success. They set up an “Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)” as a strategy for the company’s future. Both full-time team members, as well as temporary and contract staffing employees, take part in this unique ownership.

Burnett now ranks as Texas’ largest employee-owned staffing and recruitment agency by the National Center for Employee Ownership. We are also a nationally certified woman-owned business with Sue Burnett continuing as President.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some real examples of our award-winning services.

Giving Back

Our quest is to fulfill our civic duty by giving back to our community. We encourage our employees to participate or volunteer in a wide variety of community events by providing paid time-off for their efforts. It is important to us to make and uphold the commitment to improving the balance between our environment, our people, and the communities we are proud to be a part of.

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