Accomplish More (and Procrastinate Less) with This Plan

What happens when you get rewarded for a job well done? Even just a heart-felt thank you is often enough to boost your morale and put that extra bit of power into your productivity. Guess what – you’re not alone. In fact, several studies show that when your hard work is praised, your desire to produce more, work harder and find joy in your work everyday.

When you are satisfied in your job, your work is motivated by happiness. You want to meet deadlines and produce higher quality work because you know what you do is important and valued. When you are less satisfied with your job, work piles up or you find yourself sitting and staring at the wall. This kind of procrastination can impact both your reputation at work and your happiness with life.

Accomplish More (and Procrastinate Less) with This Plan 1

At Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists, we’ve analyzed hundreds of Texas workforces in need of a productivity boost. We’ve seen employees change direction in a matter of months just by focusing on finding the right fit. If you feel like your morale is low and your procrastination is high, it’s time to put yourself into a more productive mindset. It’s time to see the company’s success as parallel to your own.

A Plan to Be More Productive, Accomplished and Satisfied at Work
Start the day off right: Start your day off with enough time to enter into the work mode mindset slowly. Don’t become the kind of employee who is filled with excuses for being late. Rushing through the morning and still being late for work not only impacts your job, but also the jobs of those around you. You’ll be empowered to tackle any challenge and seen as a reliable coworker if you slow it down and arrive on time.
Show positivity and confidence no matter what: Everyone experiences job stress, especially temporary and temp-to-hire employees. But don’t let stress and nervousness affect your attitude. Be positive and confident, show enthusiasm for the job and it won’t take long before the stress melts away – in you and in others.
Get to know your crew: Your co-workers are more than administrative assistants, CMM operators and Salesforce coordinators – they are also people with feelings and interests. Don’t just learn their job titles; learn their names. That’s the first step to gaining their trust.
Be seen and heard: Avoid leaving early or taking any sick time off, if possible. Stay for the full workday no matter what, help others when you can and be available for management when they need someone to step up. Being there every day is an incredibly effective way to boost your productivity and your motivation to accomplish anything.
Be a good listener: A great way to improve your motivation to accomplish more is to be a good listener. Listen to your co-workers without judgment when they need your ear. By listening, you can find out what areas in the company are struggling and offer to make an impact. Taking on new roles and new responsibilities is a sure-fire way to boost your job satisfaction.

When you find a company that fits just right, starting out with high motivation is almost natural. However, even the best jobs can become stagnant over time. That’s why at Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists we focus on matching candidates with companies that fit your talents and goals in temporary, permanent and temp-to-hire positions. Looking for a new opportunity? Give us a call and find out how we can help you turn a good job into a great career.