Boost Your Career in 2016 with 4 New Behaviors

Sometimes, opportunity finds us, and sometimes we have go to out and hunt for it. Whether you’re in a temporary position or a permanent career, when the right employment opportunity comes your way you want to be prepared. Maybe you’re looking to become stronger and better in your current position, or perhaps you’re ready to boost your career in new and innovative ways. Either way, 2016 is your time to jump forward with refreshed vigor.

Giving your career path a new trajectory can help you feel excited about future possibilities and give you the motivation you need to land the job of your dreams. As one of the top staffing agencies in Texas, the experienced recruiters at Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists know how things work behind the HR scenes, and we’re going to share with you four new behaviors you need to boost your career in 2016.

Customize resumes and cover letters
Let’s be honest; if your resume isn’t making it to the top of the applicant pile, there is a reason. One of the new behaviors you need to cultivate is creating a targeted resume and cover letter for every position. Your application will stand out from the rest if it reiterates important key words from the company’s mission statement and the job description.

Be the solution to their greatest need
You know that you can excel as a warehouse manager. Over the years, your safety record and production quotas have proven you are ready for the next step. Do a little research on the company you’re applying to, so you can find out their major challenges. Talk to people in your network who may already work there and find out what holes they need filling. Then, don’t just connect with the HR manager, but also the department heads. Show them that you could be the perfect solution to lagging productivity, high turnover or a skills gap.

Network everyday
Speaking of connecting with your network, do you even have one? How long has it been since you checked in with Bob from that customer service job you had a few years ago? What is Beverly from HR up to these days? Make time to maintain your current network and add new faces to the list. Give them a call or shoot them a message on social media. Find out what opportunities they have caught wind of and ask them to keep your name in mind if anything new comes up.​

Partner with a recruiter
You may know what you want in a career, but knowing how to get it is something completely different. Job consultants, employment coaches and staffing agencies are all great resources to help you define your goals and connect with future employers. These qualified professionals can help you with resume writing, interviewing and, most importantly, making connections. (Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists even offer a FREE resume builder!) Because of their tight client relationships, staffing firms have access to hidden opportunities you may not otherwise have.

Establishing new behaviors about your career in 2016 gives you the momentum you need to find the right career. It’s not just about what’s best right now, but also what’s best for your future. Partnering with Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists can open doors to positions at some of the best companies in Texas. We get to know your individual skills, talents and goals so that we can find the absolute best place for you. Whether you want a temporary opportunity or a direct placement, we can help jump start your job search and get your future started. Contact us today!