Burnett Account Executive, Chris Peters, Receives “DiversityFIRST” Award – 2018

Committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Chris Peters, Burnett Specialists’ Senior Account Executive for The Woodlands office, was honored with Texas Diversity Council’s, “DiversityFIRST™ Leadership Award,” last week.

This honor is awarded annually to individuals who demonstrate “outstanding accomplishments in the promotion and advancement of diversity through inclusion and strong leadership. Earning this award is evidence of the individual’s level of commitment to effectively valuing and managing diversity to achieve excellence, and make a positive difference in their organizations and communities.” – Texas Diversity Council

“The TXDC mission is to enhance appreciation and the understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I work with companies across many different industries and employees on every skill level. When organizations become more successful, their focus turns inward, and the culture within the organization quickly becomes a top priority. Our goal within the council is to educate organizations on similarities and differences among employees regarding age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. By partnering with companies and championing these issues through an inclusive and nurturing environment, businesses usually see a drastic change in their employee relations, retention, and overall output.”
– Chris Peters, Award Recipient & Burnett Specialists Account Executive

Chris Peters has been a member of the Burnett team since January 2015.

“It gives me great pride to see Chris’ efforts recognized. He does an incredible job keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront. We appreciate his continued work and dedication!”

by Alicia De Leon, TXDC Member, Burnett Management Team Member & Previous “DiversityFIRST” Award Winner.

A Proud Burnett Moment!

A Proud Burnett Moment!

From left to right – Alicia De Leon, Texas Diversity Council Board Member and former “DiversityFIRST” Award Recipient, proudly stands with Chris Peters, 2018 “DiversityFIRST” Award Winner, as well as a member of her Houston-area sales team at Burnett Specialists and Sue Burnett, President/Founder of Burnett Specialists, Texas Diversity Council Board Member & Former DiversityFIRST award recipient.
A Proud Burnett Moment!

Committed to Diversity & Inclusion:

Chris Peters graciously accepting the “DiversityFIRST” Award for 2018, honored by The Texas Diversity Council.
A Proud Burnett Moment!

Chris Peters - DiversityFIRST Award Winner - 2018

According to the Texas Diversity Council’s website, criteria for nomination include:

​A track record of balanced decision-making and an appreciation for multiple perspectives.
A breadth of perspectives, a range of experiences that reflect flexibility, and the ability to transcend narrow experiences and issues.
A demonstrated ability to value and respect diverse points of view and varied ways to approach issues and topics.

Congratulations Chris!