Core Value – We Own It

The core values of a company are often used as a moral compass to guide everyday decisions, productivity, and much more.

These values are often what the company believes to be the “roots” of the organization. Core values are considered to be “stakes in the ground” regarding what companies hire employees by and what they also fire employees by. At, Burnett, we take our core values very seriously and have established them for our owners to use in their every-day operations.

Our recruiters “own” their success.

Recently, we sent out a survey to our owners (employees, but since we are an ESOP, they are called owners) asking them what “We Own It” means to them as an owner of the company. Do they “own” their mistakes. Do they “own” their attitude? Do they “own” their ability to work as a teammate? And some of the responses were incredible. In fact, we also created an internal recognition program where we send out an internal email, company-wide, asking if they noticed someone who exhibited an “owners” mentality. It is such a great way to boost morale and give the recognition to those deserving of their incredible efforts. At Burnett, our team goes above and beyond their job descriptions to help ensure the success of our clients, to help ensure the success of our candidates, and to ultimately help companies grow!

We encourage you to ask yourself, what do I “own” when it comes to my job?

Often, employees, managers, job seekers, employers, almost everyone who is human, find themselves wondering what they can do to achieve more. Whether it is more money, more success, more family time, more employees, more business, etc. you can start by asking yourself a simple question of “Do I own it?” If you can’t answer that question truthfully and honestly, that would probably be a fantastic starting place!

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