Create a LinkedIn Invite for Any Potential Connection

If you’re thinking about embarking on a job search, or just hoping to broaden your professional network, you must turn to your LinkedIn page. If you want to reach out to other professionals for new opportunities, either for a permanent position or a temporary job, you need to make your LinkedIn profile robust so they’ll see value in connecting with you.

LinkedIn is the top online networking tool for professionals. This site puts your profile in front of decision-makers, and the people who can influence them. However, your LinkedIn profile alone won’t be enough to draw in the right connections; you’ll have to actively engage them. If you engage them in a generic, impersonal way, you’re likely to get rejected. The experienced professionals at Burnett and Choice Specialists have created a list of ways to make sure your LinkedIn invite gets the results you want.

Create a LinkedIn Invite for Any Potential Connection 1

Make it personal
The easiest way to get a LinkedIn invite accepted is to have a one-on-one, personal connection with the person you’re reaching out to. Did you have a class together in college? Did you work together in the same HR office for a large corporation? Whatever the connection is, it must be real and memorable. If you haven’t talked for awhile, give a few details to remind the person of who you are and how well the two of you got along. That being said, you’re not always going to want to connect with someone you personally know. Here are a few ways to improve your chances of your invite being accepted by someone you’ve never met.

Answer who, what and why
Give your name and job title, what led you to this person and why the two of you should connect. Putting your invite into context will improve your chances of acceptance. For example, you’re an administrative professional with a head for finance. This person wrote a blog about how they move from a supportive role to a decision-making role in a large company’s finance department. When sending an invite, tell them that you enjoyed the blog, give a few nuggets about your qualifications, and then explain why both of your professional careers could benefit from connecting.

Find a connection, even if it is a stretch
Did you go to the same school or training program? Do you work in competitive companies or similar work environments? Maybe this person has your dream job in your dream field. Regardless of the connection, there is one there, even if it isn’t obvious. However, if you draw it out and give it importance, so will they.

Who are you on LinkedIn? Are you a professional with a strong network or a newcomer looking to enhance your network? No matter where you are in building your online network, contact the experienced recruiters at Burnett and Choice Specialists to help you increase your reach. We have built strong relationships with clients and candidates that can impact your professional goals.