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Customer Service Call Center Jobs: Staffing Agency

If you are looking to ramp up your customer service solutions? You’ll benefit from our unique call center and customer service staffing capabilities.

Maybe you have a new call center under construction or plan to move your customer service center to our area and need to start staffing and filling vacant positions; we can help! From temporary solutions to direct-hire full-time professional placements, we have over 45 years of experience in the call center and customer service industry.

TeleSkills™ Select: Our Proven Selection Process allows you to customize our initial phone screen to match your company’s standards and requirements. We also specialize in behavioral interviews, letting you as an employer assess a candidate’s potential behaviors when placed in certain situations. This helps ensure the pre-screened talent’s current traits are in line with what will make them successful within your organization.

We also conduct the following:

  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Drug Screening Available Upon Request
  • Customized Employee Orientation
  • Customized Reporting
  • Retention / Benefits Program

Call Center / Customer Service fob functions we place regularly:

  • Appointment Setters 
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Call Center: Directors, Managers, Leads, Supervisors
  • Customer Service and Sales, Representatives – Inbound, Outbound & Blended
  • Credit & Collections 
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Lead Generation 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Surveying
  • Team Leads 
  • Trainers 
  • Workforce Analysts
  • Special Projects

 Delivering top-notch customer support via your call center is essential to success in today’s competitive marketplace. Like most businesses, seasonal increases in call volume, short staffing, and a wide range of additional issues often necessitate a flexible solution.

At Burnett Specialists, our Customer Service Call Center agency is a team of clients across the Lone Star state trust for highly skilled employees with advanced training. Learn more by connecting to a member of our team today.

Locate the Top Talent You Need at Our Customer Service Call Center Agency

Why do clients across Texas turn to Burnett Specialists for access to talented employees? We believe it is because they know our proven process delivers game-changing results. This process includes:

  • Dynamic interview sessions to locate top-tier talent
  • Advanced candidate screening
  • Behavioral interviews to find employees ideally suited to join your team
  • Extensive background checks
  • Drug screening 
  • Skill assessments, extensive call center testing, and more

In addition to our advanced applicant screening and assessment process, our customer service call center job opportunities offer a wide range of candidates with specific skill specializations including, but not limited to:

  • Appointment schedulers
  • Bilingual employees
  • Directors, managers, shift leads, and call center supervisors
  • Sales representatives
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Lead generators, surveyors, trainers, and analysts

As a local, Texas-based woman-owned customer service call center staffing agency in Texas, we are uniquely qualified to deliver diversified assistance and serve as your one-stop shop for all temporary or direct hire employment needs.

Access Top-tier Talent Today From Our Customer Service Call Center Jobs Agency

We’re backed by over 40 years of experience in this field and even go the extra mile to conduct systematic market research to ensure our prices are the most competitive. 



Commercial Management

Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing Services Firm

“We have engaged Burnett Specialists for major efforts in three locations (Dallas, Houston, and Palestine, TX). Our experience is that Burnett has been an excellent business partner – one whom we know we can rely on to provide high quality, cost-competitive staffing services.”

“We have partnered with Burnett to staff multiple projects and they have demonstrated strong partnering skills on each project. Two of the projects involved staffing several hundred positions. They have provided knowledgeable, effective staffing experts who have teamed well with our service delivery teams and have demonstrated flexibility in rapidly adjusting to changing staffing needs. They have provided responsive services, consistently delivering to commitments, with a focus on performing at or below our established cost guidelines. The team deployed by Burnett Staffing on the project in Palestine, Texas worked countless hours to ensure the project’s success, and integrated seamlessly with our team to achieve incredible results.”

“The executive management team at Burnett is a pleasure to work with and have demonstrated the flexibility, responsiveness, and trustworthiness that underpins every good partnership.”

Vice President, Operations

Online Retailer

“I want to commend Burnett Specialists in general, and Krista Clements-Miller and Ruth Reading of your TeleSkills division in particular.”

“We had a need to quickly hire 23 people for inside sales, customer service, and call center sales director positions. We approached Burnett to source, prescreen, test, and interview candidates for us with a very short window of notice (2 weeks) and equally short turnaround time for placement (1-1/2 weeks).”

“Within one day, Krista began sending over pre-screened candidates. Burnett presented a total of 37 candidates to us in one week, and we filled all 23 positions with those candidates – an amazing ratio of success. Burnett understood exactly what we wanted, and did not waste time sending us people who were not supremely qualified for the positions, and in record time. 100% of the candidates showed up for and graduated from training, and all are performing commendably in their new roles.”

“We could never have met our hiring goals without Burnett’s assistance. The partnership exceeded our expectations for our rapid expansion. I would highly recommend Burnett Specialists to anyone looking for qualified candidates and best quality customer service and integrity.”