Get the Job – Show Them You Will Make an Impact on Day One

Some temporary employees enjoy making extra cash or trying out new career paths. However, most of these contract workers want this temporary position to turn into a permanent job opportunity. That is why many positions offered through Burnett Specialists/Choice Specialists are called temp-to-hire. These are opportunities for management to see if a candidate is the right fit, both for the job and the office culture.

Though we get you in the door, it’s up to you to land that job permanently. How can you show them that you’re serious? You’ll want to make a strong impact from day one.

Be 100% reliable
Many people think being reliable simply means being on time. You show up when you should and you meet deadlines when you should. However, being on time is only one way to show you’re an employee others can count on. Accept a few additional assignments or tasks when asked, and offer to help workers in other departments when it’s appropriate.

Get the Job – Show Them You Will Make an Impact on Day One 1

Be 100% enthusiastic

If you want this to be a permanent job, then you’ll need to show your enthusiasm for it. Convey that you are excited to be a part of the team. Come early, stay late, show extra commitment and interest in what you do. Be excited about the company mission and history. By taking the time to be interested in the company, the hiring team will know you are invested in this job.

Be 100% connected

Taking a temp position to the next level has a lot to do with networking. Interact with the professionals in your workforce and peers at other companies. Becoming friendly with a few of your co-workers could create potential opportunities here or elsewhere. Interacting with your co-workers will establish you in the workplace culture. Once you’ve shown you collaborate well with the whole team, you’ll become more valuable to the company.

Be 100% qualified

Show them how your skills and expertise go beyond the job. Demonstrate transferable skills that make you more useful than they could have imagined. Jump on opportunities to go the extra mile. By being diverse and useful, you prove that your experience can be put to good use in many areas of the company. This adds an extra dimension to your qualifications.

Think of a temporary job like an audition. Management is watching your every move, deciding if you will be the best fit for the part. You may not always get a permanent offer, but don’t worry. There are plenty of employment opportunities at Burnett and Choice Specialists. We get to know you, so we can match your career skills, needs and desires with employers all over the country. Contact us today and let our elite staffing recruiters get you started on your next career path.