Finding qualified candidates can be a struggle, however, there are some things you can do to make things easier. Namely, you want to construct a strong job description to attract top talent in the first place. One detail many employers neglect to include but should reconsider is compensation details. Giving information about the salary, health insurance, and other benefits can help you draw the attention of the candidates you want.

Looking to Increase Job Applicants? Here is How Including Salary Can Help! 

Gives You a Competitive Advantage

There are a lot of jobs out there to compete with when it comes to finding the best candidates. Not many companies are listing salary information, but it is almost always the first thing applicants look for. By providing this information, you would be giving yourself a competitive advantage over other employers in the industry.

Money is What Draws the Attention of Candidates

Money talks. As mentioned above, it is often what draws a candidate to click on a job advertisement, to begin with. It can also help you weed out candidates that may not be a good fit for the position. If someone is looking for different compensation, they would likely not move forward with applying for the job. This saves recruiters and job seekers a ton of time. It’s not a bad idea to include details about pay structure and raises in the description either. If the starting rate is lower than the industry average but there is room for bonuses and regular raises, state that.

Offers Transparency

Providing salary details in the job description offers transparency and speaks to your company culture. Being upfront about what you’ll be paying a new hire lets them know that you are fair in terms of raises and other wage-related issues. It also relieves any worries about the company unfairly paying certain employees less or more than others.

Focuses on the Role

You should be constructing a job description that focuses on the role itself. Part of centering the post around the job and its responsibilities include outlining how they will be compensated for their work. This information will also show that you know what their work is worth in the industry and that you can provide competitive wages.

The Information is Available Elsewhere

With websites like Glassdoor and Indeed allowing employees to provide information about employers, salary information for your company is likely available elsewhere. It’s better if the details come directly from you. Again, it improves your company’s transparency and culture. Not to mention, it gives you more control over the information they receive about your organization.

Straightforward Communication is Best

Potential employees will appreciate your ability to be straightforward about compensation and other details of the job. Searching for a new job is time-consuming, just like seeking a new employee is. Because salary and benefits are a deciding factor for many people, including them in the job description gets straight to the point. It lets them know whether they should apply or not while allowing you to attract the attention of candidates who will work within your budget.

Gives You an Opportunity to Sell Yourself

Providing salary details in your job description is just another opportunity to sell yourself as an employer. Maybe you provide high hourly wages with the option for overtime or you may offer a competitive annual salary. You can give them all the information that makes you attractive as an employer from a monetary standpoint, including raises, bonuses, and other money-making opportunities.

Shows You Know How to Appreciate Employees

By providing salary details in the job description, you give potential candidates a glimpse at how you compensate your employees. Ultimately, this shows them how you appreciate employees (or don’t). If you are providing a fair wage that is comparable to other employers in your industry, you will receive more inquiries from candidates. At the end of the day, this is how you show your team you value their contributions to the company and it shows that you are serious about finding top talent.

Non-Cash Benefits Are Important Too

Salary isn’t the only compensation detail candidates are interested in. Jobs with non-cash benefits listed receive more applications, on average, too. Including this information can help the applicant decide if they are truly interested in the job or not. For example, many people look for positions that offer health coverage, paid time off, and remote work options. Providing this information in the listing can help attract individuals looking for those perks.

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