Debbie D’Ambrosio

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Vice President of Risk Management

Debbie D'Ambrosio is Vice President of Risk Management. She started with Burnett in March, 1980 working on the staffing side of the company. As the company grew, Debbie was able to grow with it moving into the Management side. She is responsible for the Contracts and Agreements between Burnett/Choice and our clients. She oversees the compliance of the contracts with the different divisions. Debbie is responsible for both business insurance and employee insurance including the staffing employees. Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment and EEOC falls under the Umbrella of Risk Management.

Debbie graduated from Texas A&M with a Ph.D. with an emphasis on Public Relations and Management. She earned her certification in risk management in 1994, the same year she was named our Support Person of the Year for her outstanding contribution to our company's success.

Debbie is past president of the Texas Association of Staffing and has received the Top Contribution to the Industry award twice.

  • 1994 - Support Person of the Year - Burnett/Choice
  • - Texas Association of Staffing - Past President
  • Top Contribution to the Industry Award (twice)
  • - Texas Association of Staffing