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Information Technology Jobs: IT Recruiting Firm

We attract the top technical professionals because they know they will work with the best IT recruiters in Texas.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable technical recruitment team in-house ultimately gives our clients a competitive edge by allowing them access to outstanding, highly-skilled candidates.

Our IT recruiters invest their energy and resources in understanding your business, IT initiatives, and work environment, which allows us to become a valuable asset to your hiring initiatives.

Skill Specializations

  • Database Administrators / Analysts
  • Helpdesk Desktop Support Technicians
  • Network Engineers and System Administrators
  • Project Managers and Architects
  • QA Testers and Business Analysts
  • Software Developers / Programmer Analysts
  • Technical Writers / Documentation Specialists
  • Web Developers / Graphic Designers
  • Migration Deployment Teams
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Data Mining / Business Intel
  • Data Warehouse Apps

IT Recruiting Staffing Agency in Texas

If you have been searching for a Texas IT recruiting agency to help fill open positions in your company, why not consider Burnett Specialists? We can help you find the staff you need to keep operations running smoothly so that you and your management team do not have to spend endless hours sorting through potential new hires. As the leading IT recruiting agency in Texas, the recruiters at Burnett Specialists can easily match you with the workers you need.

Let the Premier Texas IT Staffing Agency Do the Work for You

The hiring process can become very expensive, especially if it takes longer than expected to fill openings at your company. When you partner with Burnett Specialists as your IT staffing agency in Texas, we can make that process easier. Let us sort through candidates to find those who will match your business’s company culture and have the talent to be beneficial team members.

  • Experience. With over 40 years in the business, Burnett Specialists has successfully matched companies with the right workers across multiple industries. We have the knowledge and expertise to find you the staff your company needs.
  • Service. At Burnett Specialists, our team members believe in delivering top-rated customer service experiences to all of our clients. Every time you reach out to us to help you with staffing needs, you can expect a good customer service experience.
  • Solutions. Whether you need IT personnel, staff for your HR department, accountants, financial professionals, or even engineers, our recruiters can help.


Director of Document Services

Solution for Mortgage Lenders and Servicers

“You are simply the best. Ever since your recruiters toured our operations, you have found what we need almost immediately.”

Operations Manager

Custom Software Applications Consulting Company

“Burnett IT Specialists just filled our PHP Developer position. We have tried to do our own internal recruiting, but have not had the best luck getting the candidates that both fit our technical requirements and fit with the culture/team. Burnett called on one position we had, and I thought I would try them concurrently with other options. They took time to really understand what we were looking for – both on the tangible and intangible side. They didn’t inundate us with a flood or resumes but really focused on sending us a select few candidates who met all our specifications (personality AND skills). I felt their search was very tailored to our specific needs, and they did A LOT of the pre-screening for us.

Overall it was a great experience – actually really easy. Our new developer has jumped right in, is enthused and fitting in very well with the team. I think they also develop great relationships with the candidate, and I think they really also have the candidate’s interests in mind as well (which I can appreciate).

Our company can be difficult with the requirements needed on the contract side, and they worked with us to make sure the terms of the agreement worked on our end as well. I couldn’t be more pleased.”