Work with one of the best staffing agencies in Dallas, TX, Choice Specialists.

Trying to fill vacant positions at your company can be time-consuming and expensive. It often involves costly advertisements and endless hours of interviewing candidate after candidate. Fortunately, there is a way to solve your staffing problems: Outsource the hiring process to the top Dallas temporary employee placement firm in the area!

Accounting & Finance Temp Staffing Solutions

If you are looking for a temporary accounting placement in Dallas, TX, Choice Specialists needs to be that resource! Since we specialize in matching employers with the right workers, we can provide you with the Dallas accounting temporary placement you need and give them fast. Why spend valuable time finding temporary employees to support your team when we have instant access to top talent ready to work hard?

Choice Specialists

10440 N Central Expy #122, Dallas, TX 75231

Benefits of Working With Choice Specialists Staffing Agency In Dallas, TX

  • Top-quality candidates. We are continuously searching for the most talented workers in Texas.
  • Customer service. Each of our recruiters and managers will ensure that you are happy with the staff members we provide for your business.
  • Proven methods. One of the reasons Choice Specialists is a top Dallas temporary employee placement company is the methods we use to provide employers with the right staff quickly and efficiently.

Temporary Employee Placement Company in Dallas You Can Trust

As the premier Dallas temporary employee placement firm, Choice Specialists has a proven stellar reputation for matching employers with the right staff. You can feel confident that we will send you qualified temporary workers so you can focus on the company’s daily operations.

If you are searching for a temporary employee placement firm in Dallas, TX, or are interested in seeing how a staffing firm can help relieve the stress of the hiring process, start with Choice Specialists.

Get Your Staff From Our Premier Dallas Finance Temporary Placement Firm

Searching for and vetting temporary staff to get you through a new project or busy season can be highly time-consuming and expensive. Our team at Choice Specialists, the top choice of companies that need temporary finance placement in Dallas, TX, can take the burden off your shoulders! Let our skilled recruiters match you with the Dallas accounting quick staffing solutions that enable your company to thrive.

  • With over 800,000 candidates with skill sets across multiple industries, we can easily find talented and qualified employees to take your efficiency to the next level.
  • Specialized methods. At Choice Specialists, we have developed a recruiting and hiring process over years of experience that allows us to provide our clients with the right people quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer focus. Our team members ensure our clients are over the moon with our services as an employee-owned company. In addition, whenever you work with one of our recruiters, managers, etc., you work directly with the owner of our company.

Business Administrative Staffing

When filling vacancies in your company, you need a quick, easy solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality. You want to be able to trust your contract workers to jump in and pick up the slack, but you don’t want to have to waste the costly time and energy it takes to find them. Choice Specialists is the Dallas administrative temporary staffing firm that takes the time to understand what you need and quickly provides solutions to get it done.

We’re the largest employee-owned staffing and placement agency in Texas, and we have the tenured staff and the proven, refined process to achieve results. Our administrative temporary staffing firm in Dallas, TX, has the expertise to find the top talent for temporary staffing, temporary-to-hire assignments, and long-term direct hire positions!

The Dallas Administrative Temporary Staffing Agency Owned & Operated by Its Employees

As a business owned by our employees, each team member has a vested interest in your success. The representatives you will work with have a reason to be committed to the professional quality and impeccable track record of our administrative temporary staffing agency in Dallas, TX.

We’re a business that’s nationally certified and award-winning. We’re also proud to be native Texans (we started in Houston in 1974). We know the Texas job market, and we have different teams of recruiters who specialize in your industry. Please take advantage of our ever-growing network of quality talent and work with the Dallas administrative temporary staffing firm that knows how to get the job done. We have a pool of over 800,000 potential candidates for your positions and conduct more and more daily interviews.

Latest Job Postings

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                  Customer Service Call Center

                  You know that your customer service employees are integral to your organization’s success. They’re often the first — and sometimes the only – representatives of your company with whom your customers come into contact. When you need to augment your call center staff to cover a busy time of year, support a product launch, or cover employee vacations during the summer and holidays.

                  A Commitment To Diversity

                  Our customer service firm has a solid commitment to diversity in the workplace. In several cases, call-centers tend to be the most diverse among workplaces because employees interact with people of all demographic backgrounds.

                  Arlington Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services

                  Our Dallas Customer Service Temp Staffing Firm Knows What Makes a Good Call Center Employee

                  Our customer service staffing firm’s recruiting, and placement specialists know what it takes to be a standout customer service representative. It requires a person to work well under pressure and politely communicate with all sorts of challenging and sometimes frustrated callers, all while projecting confidence and knowledge.

                  We also know that you, as an employer, may not have much time to spend training temporary staff members. It would be best if you had people who could learn quickly and get up to speed on the phones as fast as possible. Because we are the largest employee-owned staffing firm in Texas, we attract experienced, motivated people from around the state who continuously exceed the expectations of our valued call center clients.

                  Our customer service staffing company works with clients across a wide variety of industries, including:

                  • Finance
                  • Non-Clinical Health Care
                  • Information Technology
                  • Legal
                  • Manufacturing
                  • Marketing
                  • Conventions and Special Projects
                  • Call Centers
                  • Human Resources
                  • Light Industrial
                  • Retail Sales

                  Contract Engineering Job Placement Services

                  Choice Specialists is the solution you have been looking for if you need a Dallas contract engineering placement agency. We specialize in matching employers with the right people to fulfill their placement needs. It’s easy to prove why we are the leading Dallas contract engineering firm among the area’s top employers.

                  The Staffing Solution You Need Without the Hassle

                  The search for talented engineers can often be a complex and lengthy process. It usually involves expensive help-wanted advertisements, pouring over resumes, and endless interviews. By outsourcing the search to our Dallas contract engineering placement firm, you will save your company time and money. At Choice Specialists, we will handle the tedium of the new hire search so you can continue to focus on the daily operations of your department or company.

                  • Qualified candidates. Our goal is to match our clients with qualified and professional candidates who will add strength and value to your existing organization. Whether you need engineers for a direct-hire permanent placement or temporary workers to support your team with a heavy project, we will provide you with the talented staff to launch your company to new heights of success.
                  • Direct-hire guarantee. We are confident we will provide only the most talented and qualified candidates for our clients the first time around. Still, occasionally things happen for reasons beyond anyone's control, so we proudly offer a one-time replacement for that position during the agreed-upon time frame if things don't work out at no additional cost.
                  • Competitive pricing. At Choice Specialists, we understand your need to cut costs and increase profits. You deserve quality service and the biggest bang for your buck. That is why we constantly monitor our competitors' pricing structure so you can rest assured that you are getting the service you deserve at a competitive and transparent price.

                  We Are the Best HR Headhunting Resource for Your Company

                  No one knows your business as you do. At Choice Specialists, our expert team of knowledgeable professionals takes the time to understand your needs as an employer and will match you with employees who possess the talent you need. Our nationally certified HR staffing firm in Dallas, TX offers custom solutions so you can feel comfortable and confident with the flexible workforce you need.

                  Our Dallas HR placement firm works hard to find the best talent across various HR disciplines. Whether you require a hard-working entry-level assistant or a skilled senior director, we have you covered. Are you looking for an assistant, manager, trainer, coordinator, recruiter, generalist, or global HR talent? We can connect you with candidates who have the skills and experiences your business needs.

                  Human Resources HR Staffing Solutions

                  Having readily available staffing resources is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. If you need HR staff, partnering with Choice Specialists as your preferred Dallas HR staffing firm resource will significantly benefit your company. Not only are we an award-winning agency, but we’re also the largest employee-owned placement firm in the state. You can rest assured knowing you’ll be in good hands when you work with us.

                  Help For HR Job Seekers

                  Do you have experience working in human resources and are ready to join a top company? At Choice Specialists, we help you find a job that fits your particular skill set and employment desires.

                  Legal Staffing Job Placement Services

                  At Choice Specialists, we recruit and place talented, experienced, motivated people. As the largest employee-owned recruiting and staffing firm in the entire state, our Dallas legal staffing firm can attract the best and the brightest candidates throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond to find the best matches for our clients.

                  Client Relationships Lead to Better Matches

                  Our recruiting and placement in Dallas have worked for our company for many years, they are vested owners who pride themselves on building and nurturing relationships with our clients. They know there is not a “one size fits all” approach to staffing.  These experienced recruiters are leaders within our organization and our industry who prioritize getting to know the company culture for each company they work with in order to provide the best possible solutions to their particular staffing needs. The fact that many of our clients return to us again and again for their temporary and long-term staffing needs shows us that they trust and value our award-winning services.

                  Why do top legal professionals choose Choice Specialists to help fill their open legal positions in Dallas?

                  Our mission is to establish the relationships between candidates and their future employers that will set everyone up for success!  Our Dallas area legal recruitment & placement team specializes in sourcing talented legal professionals with various levels of experience and types of licensure in the world of law.  We work with several top law firms and companies with in-house legal counsel around the Dallas metro.  When we advertise their open positions, our candidate database consistently grows and refreshes our pool with thousands of qualified legal professionals who are actively searching for their next opportunity.   We also obtain a significant number of skilled candidates through referrals from our respected legal industry connections.  Nurturing and maintaining valuable relationships with our clients and candidates helps us match the right people with the right skills, personality, and experience to the right roles with the right employers…the first time.  

                  We are currently partnering with firms and companies that need to hire various legal professionals, from JDs to legal clerks and everything in between!  Here are just a few for example:

                  • Attorneys
                  • Compliance Specialists
                  • Contract Administrators
                  • Law Clerks
                  • Litigation Support Specialists
                  • Paralegals
                  • Records Management Specialists


                  Manufacturing or Warehouse Staffing Job Placement Services

                  When you need manufacturing or warehouse staffing, you want to work with an agency that knows your business and industry. If they’re going to be finding and selecting talent for you, they have to know the demands and needs in your industry as well as you do. At Choice Specialists, we have the experience and expertise to match you with talent that fits those demands and needs.

                  Our top-ranked recruiters assemble into specialty divisions, so they know how to find and communicate with the top candidates in your industry. We’ve been recognized every year since 2005 by the Better Business Bureau because we achieve results, and people know it.

                  The Dallas Manufacturing Job Recruiting Agency to Stick With

                  Choice Specialists is a 100 percent employee-owned manufacturing job recruiting agency. We can bypass the red tape hiring process slowdowns because our upper management is always accessible to approve custom contracts. They are enabling us to get you the staff you need sooner than later, unlike many of our competitors in the area.

                  Great! You have an existing relationship with another staffing or placement firm; once you experience the difference, we can make for you when you join a partnership with our Dallas manufacturing or warehouse job recruiting services. Remember, it costs you nothing to interview candidates or review resumes.

                  Go ahead, give us a try! What do you have to lose? We have the resources to provide you with quality talent for direct-hire placements, temporary-to-hire staff, and temporary contract employees. Did we mention we also offer payrolling services?

                  Sales, Marketing & Creative Roles – Recruiting & Staffing Experts

                  Are you wondering how you will fill a sales or marketing position to help you achieve your monthly goals? Look to a staffing agency that gets results and fast. When you partner with Choice Specialists, you’ll be working with a top marketing and sales staffing agency that can connect you with the best talent in the industry.

                  Arlington Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services

                  Work With a Team That Knows Marketing and Sales Recruiting

                  Working with Choice Specialists, you’ll get it all: experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of marketing and sales recruitment, an award-winning agency with a proven track record of success, and competitive pricing. On top of that, we are a marketing and sales recruiting firm in Dallas that is a nationally certified women-owned business and the largest employee-owned placement firm in Texas.

                  When you need staffing solutions for marketing and sales positions, we can help you hire the talent required. As a leading Dallas marketing and sales recruiting agency, we can provide exceptional talent in many areas, from entry-level sales reps to business development managers. We specialize in mid-level and senior marketing, as well as a variety of communications, creative, and sales roles.

                  A few roles we recruit for are account executives, inside sales or technical sales talent, sales or marketing coordinators, industrial sales, international sales, marketing assistants, VP of Marketing, etc.

                  Here’s what our talented job seekers and top client employers are saying about their experience using our staffing & recruiting services…