Are you still having your staff invest countless hours attempting to recruit, evaluate, screen, and interview candidates for your open positions?

By utilizing our contract to hire services, you can shift those administrative burdens onto our well-rounded shoulders. We’ve been supporting this function for our clients since 1986.

While we retain the temp-to-hire employee on our payroll and benefits package, you have the opportunity to observe their skill sets and determine their compatibility with your company culture. Once the agreed-upon time frame is completed, you may choose to hire your well-tested employee without incurring a placement fee.

As the employer, you would have the opportunity to bring that candidate onto your payroll directly at any time during the assignment.  How does that work? When you utilize this staffing service, the placement fee is built into your hourly bill rate rather than a flat placement fee, like in a direct-hire placement. When you choose to bring the candidate onto your payroll directly, a liquidation fee is applied, which usually consists of the remainder of your placement fee. If the candidate has already worked enough hours to cover the placement fee, you will not have a liquidation fee!  An account executive or your recruiter can explain more about this employment service.


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