Thinking About Quitting? Remember It’s Easier to Get a Job When You Have a Job

For many job seekers, finding the right career at a company that meets your goals can require a big-picture approach. Sometimes, a position that provides little satisfaction can make you feel as if your whole life, not just your career, has derailed. When you get to this point, you might decide it’s time for a new employment opportunity.

Whether you’re looking for a way to move up in your field or out of a current position, keeping your job while you conduct a search is always a better option. Here are four things to keep in mind when conducting a job search while still employed.

Thinking About Quitting? Remember It’s Easier to Get a Job When You Have a Job 1

Don’t have to explain work gaps
If you leave your current job before you’re hired, you risk entering an extended unemployment gap. These types of gaps are difficult to explain to a hiring manager and can be awkward when brought up in an interview. Any amount of time not working can reflect poorly on your professional reputation. Keeping your current position while you search allows you to avoid explaining why you have work gaps on your resume.

Shows you’re leaving of your own accord
When you’re employed, it shows that an employer thought enough of your skills to hire you and keep you. Therefore, potential employers are more likely to think of you as a valuable hire. By showing you’re considering leaving this job for a position at a new company, you are implying that this company is a better fit and potentially a better company. When you’re employed, you appear like a commodity looking for a better opportunity. However, when you’re unemployed, you might appear like an employee that it was okay to let go.

Puts less stress and pressure on yourself
Most hiring managers prefer candidates currently employed because it gives them more confidence that you’ll be a good hire. If they have more confidence, you’ll have more confidence. Being unemployed raises a lot of questions that could put candidates in defensive positions, which can weaken your self esteem. During the entire search, you know that you have your current job to fall back on and you can keep the search going. Being employed reduces stress because it keeps you out of a desperate situation.

Keeping your work ethic strong is easier
It’s easy to get distracted by an exciting job search; but you can’t let that impact your work in your current position. First, you’ll send a red flag to your managers, clueing them in on the fact that your mind is elsewhere. Second, you could risk losing your current employer as a glowing reference. Keep your work ethic high so you can maintain a high-quality professional reputation.

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