What To Say When They Ask “Why Do You Want This Job”

The first time you really get to shine with a new employer happens during the interview. You’re going to be asked all kinds of questions, from understanding your strengths to picking apart your weaknesses. The most challenging questions, however, tend to be more abstract. One of the most difficult ones in this group: Why do you want this job? While the hiring team certainly wants to honestly know your motivation, they also know this answer is key to deciding if you will be a good fit. There are many ways to answer this question; which one is really the best? Highlight current company achievements

Check out the company’s pressroom webpage or search on Google to find recent milestones. Explain that you want to work for a progressive company that is a leader in their industry. By mentioning some of their recent accomplishments, you show that you are a forward-thinking innovator, too.

What To Say When They Ask “Why Do You Want This Job” 1

Emphasize the value of their mission
Describe how the company’s mission statement drew you in. How the overall goals and values of the business mirror the goals and values you have in life. You want meaningful work and to be a part of something larger than yourself. Show them how you will feel pride in this job and grow into an employee who can strengthen this organization’s mission.

Be the leader of the pack
Talk about what you think makes this company different from its competitors. Drop a few facts, but also ask a few polite questions about their current goals and future projects. Express enthusiasm for the creative strategies and unique specialties that make this company the best opportunity out there.

Focus on the work environment
Office culture and workforce environment are more important than ever. Employees, both permanent and temporary, want to fit in. They want colleagues they can work with and management that respects their work-life balance. Point out the ways you have heard this company values its employees.

Having several specific answers to this question not only shows your professionalism, but it also allows you to conduct yourself with confidence. It shows the hiring team that you’re not just serious about this job; you’re serious about this company. Do you need help polishing your interviewing skills? If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow into a successful, essential professional, call a staffing specialist or direct hire recruiter at Burnett Specialists or Choice Specialists today.