Demonstrating Appreciation For Employees This Holiday Season

Demonstrating Appreciation for Your Employees This Holiday Season

Nov 15, 2023 | Employer Advice

The holiday season is approaching quickly, making it the perfect time to consider how you can recognize everything your employees do to help your company thrive. Expressing your appreciation allows you to boost morale and build loyalty. Plus, valued employees are typically more productive, making investments in this area as beneficial for the organization as they are for workers.

However, you also want to make sure that you’re demonstrating appreciation for your employees this holiday season the right way. Some strategies are more effective than others, so it’s best to choose approaches that are more likely to have the correct impact. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some ways to recognize your employees who typically work well.

How to Demonstrate Appreciation for Your Employees This Holiday Season

Consider Cash (or Cash-Like) Bonuses

Few forms of recognition are as universally well-received as cash bonuses. Extra money in their paychecks allows them to purchase what they want or need this holiday season with less financial strain. It also provides the most flexibility, as employees can spend the bonus in any manner that suits them.

However, if coordinating a cash bonus isn’t practical, going with a cash-like alternative can work well. Gift cards are a prime example, as you can get them in pre-selected amounts (potentially with bulk discounts) and hand them out directly.

There are also electronic gift card services that let employees select from a list of different retailers, ensuring they can get a gift certificate to a place they’d like to shop. Usually, these are delivered via email, so they’re also highly convenient to send out.

Extra Paid Time Off

Another option for showing your appreciation to your employees that’s almost universally appreciated is extra paid time off (PTO). That essentially allows workers to take a break without having to sacrifice their paychecks. Plus, if the PTO is useable during the holidays, it gives them chances to spend more time with family or friends during the season.

Usually, this reward can unfold in a few different ways. Some companies may find that giving employees extra hours they can spend as they see fit (with proper approval, of course) is the best choice. However, if the organization or a specific department can close entirely on one particular day without impacting the company negatively, coordinating that can also work well.

Offer More Flexibility

The holiday season is usually hectic, as companies are wrapping up year-end activities while employees are dealing with a variety of personal obligations. As a result, a solid way to show your appreciation while maintaining productivity is to offer more flexibility during the holiday season.

Consider allowing employees to telecommute more often than usual, as that can keep them on target while giving them extra time for personal matters. Flexible schedules – either with or without mandatory core hours – can also work well, making it easier for them to maintain work-life balance while navigating the holidays.

Have a Celebratory Lunch

Providing employees with a free catered lunch is another solid way to show your appreciation that’s widely appreciated. Just make sure that the company covers the entire cost and works to offer entrée options that align with a variety of dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can participate. Coupling this with a half-day party can also work well, allowing company leaders to give speeches to demonstrate their appreciation, as well as host some team-building exercises in the form of fun games.

The reason to make this a celebratory lunch is that holding an after-hours event isn’t always well-received. Hosting a party in the evenings means employees have to give up personal time to attend, and that may not be easy for everyone to do. By holding the event during work hours, you aren’t impacting their personal time, making it the better choice.

Also, don’t make the event a potluck. When you ask employees to bring a dish as part of the celebration, you’re not giving them a gift; you’re giving them an obligation. Instead, make sure that the event is catered and all costs are handled by the company, as that allows them to relax and enjoy the party instead.

Personalized Rewards or Gifts

One issue with some forms of recognition is that not everything will resonate with or provide value to every employee. Workers have unique needs and preferences, so choosing a one-size-fits-all reward may not have the impact you’re hoping for in the end.

If you want to make a positive impression when demonstrating your appreciation, consider personalized gifts or rewards. For example, any extra work-from-home stipend can help employees who work remotely make their home workspace more comfortable. Purchasing new chairs for in-office workers – and offering a selection of different sizes when you do – can have a similar impact while providing them with value. That can make the gift equivocal while still making it somewhat personalized to their situation.

Heartfelt Thanks Yous

A genuine, heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way when you want to express your appreciation to your employees. Just make sure that when it’s offered, you can be specific with your praise. Highlight a particular accomplishment or trait that truly stood out to ensure your “thank you” is personal. By doing so, it’s far more impactful.

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