Our Employment Agency Services


A hiring solution matching job seekers with employers for the purpose of establishing a full-time, long-term employment relationship. No upfront fees and guaranteed results.


Our pre-screened and qualified candidates would start out with a client company as a Burnett employee for a trial period during which both the employee and the client consider establishing a long-term employment relationship.

Temporary & Contract Staffing

Top notch employees available for short-term and long-term assignments. These positions are billed at an hourly rate and range from entry-level to skilled professionals.

Vendor Managed Services

Our e-Commerce solution can support your company’s vendor consolidation platform. We have a division dedicated exclusively to the needs of clients who utilize vendor management and applicant tracking systems.

Conventions & Projects

Trust your next event to Texas’ most respected Convention and Special Projects management team. Our expertise is turning your vision into reality! To make your event run smoothly, you need qualified support staff.

Payrolling Services

Would you like to have specific full or part-time personnel that you have pre-selected working at your company for the length of time you need them, without actually having to hire them?

Join thousands of employers who have found outstanding employees!