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Partner with our Light Industrial Staffing & Recruiting Specialists

Choosing to partner with Burnett Specialists for your light industrial staffing needs is selecting decades of expertise, deep industry knowledge, and a vast network. As an award-winning staffing and professional recruiting firm, we specialize in connecting employers with qualified candidates across various industries, including light industrial. We strive to connect exceptional talent that aligns with a company’s vision, enhancing team dynamics and accelerating business growth.

Expertise in the Light Industrial Sector:
Burnett Specialists, an award-winning light industrial staffing and recruiting agency, boasts five decades of proven expertise in sourcing and placing talent in light industrial roles. Our deep understanding of the light industrial sector enables us to make precise matches and facilitate smoother hiring processes, distinguishing us as leading light industrial recruiters.
Extensive Network:

As a light industrial employment agency, Burnett Specialists has access to a broad network of candidates and employers. Our extensive network benefits employers by offering a larger pool of skilled candidates, ensuring the ideal fit for their organization. For job seekers, it opens doors to a wider range of job opportunities, including those not publicly advertised.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

Partnering with Burnett Specialists and our leading light industrial staffing and recruiting services streamlines the hiring process, resulting in faster hiring times and reduced costs associated with recruitment. This efficiency is beneficial for both employers and job seekers, aligning talent with opportunity swiftly and effectively.

Quality and Fit:

Understanding the culture and needs of each employer, as well as the skills and aspirations of job seekers, is a hallmark of Burnett Specialists. This approach leads to a higher likelihood of a good fit between employers and employees, fostering job satisfaction and reducing turnover rates.

Reliability and Support:

Beyond recruitment, Burnett Specialists, as a trusted light industrial staffing and recruiting agency, offers comprehensive support throughout the hiring process. This includes interview coordination, pre-screening, and onboarding assistance for employers, and valuable resources like resume advice and interview coaching for job seekers.

What types of Light Industrial roles can we place?
Light industrial jobs often involve the manufacturing, production, and distribution of goods, and can range from general labor to specialized roles.

  • Assembler
  • Production Operator
  • Machine Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Forklift Operator
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk
  • Picker/Packer
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Inventory Specialist
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Production Technician
  • Order Processor
  • CNC Operator (Computer Numerical Control Operator)
  • Assembly Line Worker
  • Production Scheduler
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Packaging Operator
  • Printing Press Operator
  • Lab Technician
  • Electronics Technician
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Production Supervisor
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Logistic Coordinator
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Planner/Scheduler
  • Electro-Mechanical Technician
  • Assembly Supervisor
  • Inventory Control Clerk
  • Shipping Coordinator
  • Receiving Associate
  • Lean Manufacturing Specialist
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Cycle Counter
  • Batch Mixer
  • Tool Crib Attendant
  • Process Operator
  • Extrusion Operator
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Manufacturing Engineer


Sourcing and Placing the Most Crucial and Sought-After Talent to Meet Your Needs

Burnett Specialists excels in filling the most crucial and sought-after light industrial positions. Our status as a premier light industrial placement agency ensures we connect the right workers with the right roles, driving success in the light industrial sector.

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