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What is Temp/Contract Staffing?

Temporary or contract staffing solutions are services provided by placement agencies to meet the flexible workforce needs of companies. Here’s how it typically works:

For Employers:
Temporary or contract staffing allows companies to adapt to varying business needs, such as seasonal peaks, specific projects, maternity cover, or other short and long-term requirements. These employees are on the employment agency’s payroll, reducing the administrative burden for the company. This arrangement provides flexibility and can be a cost-effective way to manage fluctuations in staffing needs.
For Job Seekers:
Temporary or contract positions offer opportunities to gain experience in diverse roles or industries, learn new skills, and build a professional network. They also provide flexibility regarding work-life balance, as candidates can often choose assignments that match their schedule or personal commitments. For some, it can also be a stepping stone to direct-hire employment.

The Benefit of Burnett for Employers & Job Seekers

What makes Burnett Specialists different from other employment agencies?

Experience and Reputation:

Our reputation as a leading temporary and contract staffing and recruiting agency is built on years of delivering exceptional staffing solutions. Our award-winning expertise and a deep understanding of market dynamics make us a reliable and trusted partner for temporary and contract staffing services.

Quality of Candidates:

Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to employers. This meticulous approach, characteristic of expert temporary and contract recruiters, significantly reduces the risk of unsuccessful placements, saving time and resources.

Customized Solutions:

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization’s needs, we provide tailored staffing solutions. This personalized approach, a hallmark of our temporary and contract staffing services, sets us apart from other recruiting firms.

Excellent Candidate Support:

We offer comprehensive support throughout the hiring process, including resume assistance and interview preparation. This level of candidate care enhances performance during the evaluation period, a key aspect of our role as a temporary and contract recruiting firm.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Our ability to handle staffing requirements of any size, from individual placements to entire teams, makes us a versatile and preferred choice for companies seeking scalable temporary and contract staffing services.

Industry Knowledge:

Our recruiters possess extensive knowledge across various sectors, enabling them to select the right candidate for each job. This expertise is crucial in ensuring successful placements as a temporary and contract staffing placement agency.

Ethics & Integrity:

Our commitment to high ethical standards and integrity is reflected in our consistent recognition by the Better Business Bureau. These values are essential in the recruitment industry and underscore our reliability as temporary and contract recruiters.

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Sourcing and Placing the Most Crucial and Sought-After Talent to Meet Your Needs

Our status as a top temporary and contract staffing firm means we excel in connecting the most qualified applicants with temporary positions.

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