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Why Your Company Should Consider Hiring Veterans

Jun 21, 2017 | News, Employer Advice, Job Seekers

Why Your Company Should Consider Hiring Veterans

There are close to one million unemployed U.S. veterans, according to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Not only is this statistic depressing because of the sacrifice and service of these men and women, it’s also disheartening because many of them are extremely qualified and capable, yet consistently overlooked.

Imagine that the next time you have an employee leave with short notice or an unexpected large project pop up, that you have a pool of talented, highly trained professionals capable of saving the day.

You do – about one million of them.

Hiring a veteran isn’t just about good ethics, it’s also about good business. There are hundreds of reasons why a veteran could be a good fit for your company. Now we’re going to delve into what the experienced recruiters at Burnett Specialists consider the top three.

Why Your Company Should Consider Hiring Veterans 1

Military services, no matter the branch or rank, come with unique skill-building opportunities. When you hire a veteran, you know you’re hiring a leader. He or she may not be the typical leader, the one who stands in front of the room tossing out million dollar ideas, but you can count on him or her to delegate to and facilitate others. Or, maybe the employee is someone who can and does stand up and motivate the rest of the staff. Whether behind the scenes or at the front lines, hiring veterans means you are hiring leaders at all levels.

Ask any veteran and he or she will tell you – you never, ever leave a man behind. That’s what makes veterans such accomplished team facilitators. They work well on their own, but they are trained to work as a unit, everyone playing up to their individual strengths and the group’s strengths. Veterans know how to assess weaknesses and support the areas of greatest need. They are committed to company success over individual achievement.

Strong performance in high-stress situations
One of the most useful talents of a veteran, in an industry, is the ability to perform in a high-stress situation. When they were active military members, they were trained to keep a level head and accomplish the mission no matter how critical a situation became. When crisis hits, they know how to think critically and abstractly without breaking a sweat. Now, hopefully your work environment isn’t as stressful as a battlefield, but know that a veteran employee can be your rock during critical times.

Hiring veterans can also bring a global perspective into your business. Since many of them have been overseas and worked with high-tech equipment, they are constantly forward-thinking. Plus, there could even be tax incentives for your company if your new hire qualifies for the VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011.

If you’re considering opening up new jobs or filling vacant positions, give Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists a call. We can connect you with the high-quality talent you need to propel your business to the next level.

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