Burnett Specialists is #1 Again by the Houston Business Journal

Our award-winning recruiters are second to none!

What an honor! Houston Business Journal just released their “Lists” for Houston’s Largest Staffing Agencies and Houston’s Largest Direct Hire Placement Firms for 2017. We are so proud to say that we are, in fact, the largest Direct-Hire Placement Firm in Houston. Out of the last 11 years, Burnett has been ranked #1, 9 times including the last 6 years in a row! Being the largest direct-hire placement and recruiting firm in the Houston-area is due to the fact that we are a tight-knit family and work hard to achieve success.

“We are so excited to be #1 again for the 6th year in a row as the “Largest Direct Hire Placement Firm” in Houston. I’m so proud of all of our owners who work hard each and every day to make this company successful! Cheers to you all.”

by Sue Burnett, President

Burnett Specialists is #1 Again by the Houston Business Journal 1

Not many people may know this, but we have a unique situation in our company where we are now an ESOP. Our employees are now able to be referred to as actual owners of the company. In fact, this month, we rolled out a “Core Value” program that will highlight a company “Core Value” each month until the end of the year. This month, our stock-prices were announced and just so happened to fit the theme of one of our most precious “Core Values” — “We Own It”. What does “We Own It” mean to our company? Click here to read more.