When you’re looking for new opportunities, there are often far more job types available than candidates expect. Along with traditional direct hire positions, job seekers may come across temp or temp-to-hire jobs.

Temp and temp-to-hire positions are part of the broader landscape and are common options when you’re looking for opportunities through staffing firms. While many professionals worry that these jobs aren’t as career-boosting as straight-to-permanent positions, that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, you can get certain benefits with temp and temp-to-hire jobs that aren’t available elsewhere.

If you’re looking for new opportunities, here’s a look at why now is the perfect time to consider temp and temp-to-hire roles.

Temp and Temp-to-Hire Jobs Defined

Before digging into why temp and temp-to-hire jobs are excellent opportunities, it’s important to understand how they differ from one another and direct-hire positions. Here’s a quick look at what each role type involves.

What Is a Temp Job?

A temp job is a short-term position with a definitive end date. At times referred to as contract jobs, a temporary position usually allows a company to address a specific need that won’t last long-term.

For example, seasonal hires are in temp jobs. Their main function is to ensure the company has a right-sized workforce when demand for products or services rises during specific times of the year, while giving the employer the ability to scale down when the season ends.

Some companies also hire temporary employees for project-related work. Projects may require a skill set that isn’t currently represented in the company’s existing workforce. If they won’t need those skills after the project ends, hiring a temp worker allows them to secure those capabilities for just the period they require them.

What Is a Temp-to-Hire Job?

Temp-to-hire differs from temporary jobs in one specific area: the employee may have the opportunity to go permanent with the company. Initially, the candidate stays on the payroll of the staffing firm, performing duties associated with a role that represents a long-term need for the employer.

While on the recruitment agency’s payroll, the candidate is effectively participating in a working interview. If both the professional and employer believe it’s a good fit after the trial period ends (or, sometimes, while it’s underway), a permanent job offer may be extended and accepted. At that point, the candidate transitions to the company’s payroll, becoming an official employee of that organization.

The Benefits of Temp Jobs

In many cases, it may seem like temp jobs primarily benefit the employer. However, professionals can get a lot out of these arrangements, too. Here’s a look at the benefits of having a temp job from the employee’s perspective.

An Easier Transition

If you’re either taking your first steps into the workforce or are returning after some time away, a temporary job may ease that transition. In many cases, employers are more flexible regarding the required skills and experience with temporary roles, which can make them more open to hiring younger professionals or those who have gaps in their resumes.

Plus, since the job is inherently short-term, there may be less of a sense of pressure. This can make a difference if you’re returning to work and need to reestablish that habit, as it feels less daunting.

More Flexibility

Since temporary jobs are finite in nature, you get more flexibility. You can take breaks from the workforce between assignments and accept or reject positions based on the skills used and tasks involved. Essentially, you can create a custom career around how and when you’d like to work.

Skill Building

Many temporary jobs let you explore new environments and ways of handling tasks. As a result, you’ll often have a chance to hone skills you don’t currently possess or that aren’t well-developed yet. You might encounter new systems, processes, or procedures, all of which could be exceptional career-boosting learning opportunities.


With temp roles, you’ll head into a new workplace filled with skilled professionals. Along the way, you’ll usually get a chance to forge connections and build relationships. Then, when you move on to the next job, you’ll have an expanded network that will serve you well as you move forward in your career.


Since temporary jobs have a shorter commitment, they’re a great way to explore options if you’re considering a career change. You can try a range of roles first-hand, allowing you to decide if they genuinely meet your needs. If so, you can move forward with confidence. If not, you can explore something new next time.

The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Jobs

Like temporary jobs, temp-to-hire opportunities can benefit the employee in several ways. First, they typically bring everything above to the table. However, there are also some extra plusses that come with this option if you’re looking for something permanent.

Here’s a look at some of the clearest reasons why pursuing a temp-to-hire position is a wise decision.

Check for Job Fit

Since a temp-to-hire job acts as a working interview, it’s a chance for you to determine if the role, environment, and company culture can genuinely meet your needs. You get to explore it first-hand, engage with professionals who’d become your colleagues, and experience the duties that would be assigned before deciding to commit.

Ensure Work-Life Balance

In a similar vein to the point above, going with a temp-to-hire role allows you to make sure that you’ll get suitable work-life balance if you stay long-term. You’ll functionally be a regular employee, so you’ll experience your commute, workload, responsibilities, and other facets of the job. You’ll know if mandatory overtime, traffic, or anything else could be disruptive to your personal life, all before you decide whether to stay long-term.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Temp to Temp-to-Hire Job?

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