Searching for a job can be tiring. Filling out countless job applications, following up, interviewing can all be time-consuming as well. Thankfully, working with a specialized recruiter can save you time and effort. Here is how you can apply less and work faster by getting help from a staffing firm.

How to Work With a Recruiter

If you’re considering working with a specialized recruiter you need to know what the best way to approach them will be. They need to have a full understanding of the job you are looking for, your experience, skills, and other key information. So, communication and the items listed below are crucial to your success when working with a recruiter.

  1. Strive to make a good impression. You want to make a good impression on the recruiter because they are your direct line to potential employers. Meet them face to face if possible and dress professionally. Use appropriate language and treat them with respect. Also, be positive and optimistic when speaking with them.
  2. Build a relationship with effective communication. You will build trust between yourself and your recruiter when you communicate well. Be honest about your skills and experience. You should also be clear about your career goals and what you hope to accomplish.
  3. Follow up on a regular basis. After an interview, reach out to your recruiter immediately. They can relay any pertinent information to the employer. You should also let them know if you are fielding other job offers or have received an offer. In some cases, this can give them more leverage to bargain for higher wages, benefits, etc.
  4. Collaboration is necessary. You should take advantage of your recruiter’s expertise in polishing resumes and tap into their knowledge of the industry. Make any changes they suggest and work together to find your next job.
  5. Stay in touch. Even after you’ve landed a new position, keep in touch. Let them know when there are changes in your employment like a promotion or title change. This will help them keep you in mind if a position opens up. It will also assist them in helping you with your next job search.

Now that you know how to establish a successful working relationship with a recruiter, how can they help connect you to jobs quickly?

Why You Should Consider Working With a Recruiter

More Opportunities

First and foremost, working with a specialized recruiter can help you identify more opportunities in your industry. Google can’t search for and find every job out there. Not to mention, some employers don’t post job openings on the internet. Some prefer to work with staffing firms directly and rely on them to source candidates.

Additionally, some larger companies would like to remain anonymous in the interview process until they’ve found the perfect candidate. Jobs like this can only be found through an agency. When you work with a specialized recruiter, they will know about all of the individual opportunities available and which ones match your skills and experience.

Handle Small Stuff

Recruiters often handle small administrative tasks that can take a lot of time during your job search. For instance, many recruiters proofread and polish resumes before they are sent out to potential employers. They also coordinate interviews, schedule conversations, follow up with people, conduct background checks, and stay in touch with the employer. Utilizing the help of a recruiter will take these things off your plate and allow you to focus on preparing for interviews, etc.

Recruiters Have Influence

When it comes down to it, recruiters have an influence in your respective industry. They have already built trust with their clients, the employers in your industry. In fact, many recruiters become close acquaintances with the companies they work with. As the relationship grows, the recruiter has more and more influence over hiring decisions. They can better assist you in landing an interview because the employer is keen to listen to their advice and take their recommendation.

Get Inside Information

Working with a recruiter will give you access to inside information about companies, employers, and the industry at large. Once they have worked with a specific organization for a period of time, the recruiter will know a lot about their interview style, company culture, and communication style. They may even know common questions the company likes to ask during interviews. This information can help you be more competitive when it comes time to interview for a new job.

Nothing to Lose

In most cases, working with a specialized recruiter may be free of charge. So, there is really nothing to lose when working with them. Take advantage of free service if you can. Considering the benefits listed above, there is really no reason not to.

Have an Ally in Your Search! Burnett Specialists Can Help!

Last, but not least, working with a recruiter will give you an ally in your job search. They are truly invested in your success. After all, they don’t get paid unless you land the job. So, they will do everything they can to ensure you find a position that suits both you and the employer. Having this kind of motivation will make sure the right relationships are made to help you reach your goals.

The professional recruiters at Burnett Specialists are eager to help you in your job search. Learn more about the opportunities we have available.

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