Many professionals primarily focus on salary when they’re exploring new opportunities. However, the quality of the benefits package is a critical consideration. Benefits can potentially lower a range of costs, at times to the point of offsetting a slightly lower pay rate. As a result, factoring in the value of the total compensation package is essential.

Additionally, it’s wise to seek specific benefits when considering job offers or reviewing job listings for fit. Here is an overview of the benefits to look for in your next position.

Benefits to Look for in Your Next Position (Aside from Salary)

Medical, Prescription, Dental, and Vision

In most cases, it’s best to view healthcare coverage as essential when you’re considering job options. Medical, prescription, dental, and vision insurance keep costs down, at times dramatically. As a result, it’s best to consider these benefits essential.

When you examine healthcare benefits offered by an employer, look beyond simple access to coverage. Monthly premium costs, deductibles, copays, and similar details alter the total value provided, so make sure to examine those points carefully.

Retirement (with Employer Match)

Another must-have benefit from an employer is retirement plans. Most companies offer employees at least one option, allowing them to set aside money for the future. Additionally, an employer match is relatively common, causing the employer to contribute extra funds to your account based on how much you dedicate to your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

The details of employer-sponsored retirement plans vary by company, including whether employer matches are offered and how much the organization provides. Since that’s the case, examine the details when you’re assessing the value of your total compensation package.

Bonuses and Commissions

Bonuses and commissions increase your earnings beyond your base pay rate. As a result, these benefits can dramatically increase your salary when properly utilized.

The terms associated with bonuses and commissions are critical to learning before accepting a job. This includes the potential amounts or sales percentages involved and how often the bonuses or commissions are paid out to employees. Additionally, it’s wise to find out what it takes to qualify for these incentives, allowing you to assess your likelihood of capturing these benefits.

Paid Time Off

Employers don’t always offer the same amount of paid time off, and the types of leave provided can vary. In most cases, employees consider vacation time and sick leave as the minimum options an employer needs to offer. However, some companies keep all leave in a single pool, letting you use the time as you see fit, and that can also work well.

Additionally, some employers have special paid time off options. Maternity and paternity leave is a classic example, though other leave types are available with specific companies. Explore the employer’s leave options and policies in full before accepting the offer, allowing you to determine if it provides sufficient value.

Education and Training

Education and training benefits make it easier to keep your skillset current and further your career. Usually, you want to look for a combination of programs that you can use.

On the training side, having access to an e-learning platform is a helpful benefit. It allows you to further your knowledge in relevant areas using a simple portal, making it convenient. The ability to attend formal courses also provides value and benefits relating to conference attendance.

When it comes to education, tuition reimbursement or student loan assistance are both worth seeking out. They can make pursuing a degree or certificate far more affordable. Just make sure you review any restrictions, such as whether the coursework or major needs to relate to your current field or if the program is more flexible. That ensures you can determine if you’re getting enough value from the offering.

Transportation and Relocation

Transportation benefits can come in a variety of forms. Some companies offer rideshare options to coordinate carpools for employees, and some even cover all or some of the costs relating to operating the vehicle. Others may have fuel subsidies or might cover the cost of bus passes or subway fares. Parking spot benefits – such as free use of a parking lot or garage – are available with many employers, and some may have electric vehicle charging stations that workers can use at no cost. Since these benefits can provide substantial value, it’s wise to see what’s available to reduce how much you spend commuting.

Relocation assistance isn’t a widely offered benefit, but it’s worth finding out if a company provides it if you’d need to move to a different city for a job. Generally, relocation assistance is only available for higher-level positions where there’s a notable shortage of suitable professionals in the employer’s area, so keep that in mind before considering a lack of this benefit a dealbreaker.

Flexible Schedule and Remote Work

Flexible schedules and remote work programs are excellent for supporting work-life balance. With a flexible schedule, you can alter when you work – potentially with some restrictions – allowing you to handle tasks when you’re most productive. Plus, it lets you accommodate personal needs, such as medical appointments, without having to use leave, as you can make up the time before or after the traditional work day.

Remote work gives you the ability to work from home or in similar locations with suitable internet connectivity. Along with eliminating your commute on the days you’re working remotely, it can allow you to avoid certain expenses, such as after-school childcare for school-aged children. In some cases, it also lets you live in an area other than the city where the company is based, which could let you shift to a location with a lower cost of living.

In either case, these benefits support work-life balance. Plus, they can boost productivity and potentially reduce your costs, making them worth pursuing.

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