Top Tips for Job Seekers, Recent Grads & Small Business Owners - Advice from Our Staffing Agency's President for Landing a Job in Today's Job Market

If you are currently looking for a job or plan to start the hunt for a new opportunity soon, you will love this video.  One of our awesome client employers, Energy Ogre, whose specialty is lowering consumers’ electric bill, has a fantastic podcast called, “Say, Watt?”  Which is a podcast series offering info in “bite-size pieces of educational and financial tips to busy people who want to live a brighter lifestyle.”  During this episode, Laura Thornquist, Energy Ogre’s COO, met with Sue Burnett, Founder, and President of Burnett Specialists to give viewers some great tips for job seekers looking for work and advice for small business owners and recent college grads.

Sue tells us her story of how she got into the staffing industry and shares some really helpful information from her 50 years in the business.  Laura asks Sue the important questions regarding the latest staffing industry trends like:

  • What advice would you give to small business owners?
  • Does Burnett Specialists help applicants prepare for new opportunities?  And how?
    • Answers Include Interview Prep, Position & Company Insight, etc.
  • What advice would you give to job seekers right now?
    • Answers Include: 6 Important Staffing Industry Tips from Sue
  • What do recent college grads need to do to begin their career?


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