Four Ways To Stand Out In Your Next Accounting Interview

Four Ways to Stand Out in Your Next Accounting Interview

Dec 13, 2023 | Employer Advice

Scheduling an accounting interview is always exciting, but it’s potentially a bit daunting, too. During the meeting, you need to not only show the hiring manager you’re an exceptional candidate but also separate yourself from the other applicants they’ll meet while making a hiring decision.

Fortunately, standing out in your next accounting interview isn’t always as challenging as it seems. Here’s a look at why it’s critical to separate yourself from the pack, as well as four tips that make it easier.

Why Standing Out in Your Next Accounting Interview Is Essential

When you’re preparing for an accounting interview, it’s easy to assume that your resume speaks for itself. After all, your application shows you have the skills and experience to excel in the role, so you may think that’s enough to carry you through most of the hiring process.

However, your resume alone isn’t enough. In fact, your skills and experience usually won’t separate you from the pack either. Primarily, that’s because other candidates invited in for interviews likely have similar professional backgrounds and credentials. Since that’s the case, you can’t rely on your capabilities, education, or certifications alone to land the position. Instead, you need to demonstrate that you have something to offer beyond those fundamentals, and that’s where your interview comes into play.

During the interview, you have opportunities to cover points beyond what your resume addresses. You can put unique aspects of your background that weren’t logical additions to your application on display. Additionally, you can showcase your personality and express your enthusiasm for the field far more effectively in person. That’s what makes the interview such a critical part of the success equation and why you need to leverage that meeting to make the most of the situation.

Four Ways to Stand Out in Your Next Accounting Interview

1. Research the Company (and Industry News and Trends)

Before your interview, taking time to research the company creates opportunities to separate yourself from the pack. When you understand the organization’s unique positioning, products, or services, you can speak to it directly in your answers. When you do, that makes it easier to address the hiring manager’s unique needs. Plus, it shows you went the extra mile to prepare for the meeting, which works in your favor.

Similarly, diving into industry news and trends is a wise decision. When you know what’s on the horizon in the world of accounting, you can include details in your answers that make you look well-informed. Since the industry changes rapidly and frequently, being able to talk about upcoming changes to laws, new technologies impacting the sector, and similar details also gives the hiring manager peace of mind. It shows you make an effort to remain current, and they’ll likely assume you’ll continue doing so if hired, reducing the risk that you’ll fall behind.

2. Identify Achievements Involving Non-Accounting Professionals or Stakeholders

During an accounting interview, many candidates focus on describing achievements that were either the result of their efforts alone or only involving other accounting department colleagues. However, by discussing achievements that include working with non-accounting professionals or stockholders, you can potentially separate yourself from other candidates.

Accounting professionals frequently need to communicate with colleagues, customers, or stakeholders that aren’t particularly industry-savvy. By talking about accomplishments involving people like them, it shows you can effectively work with people who aren’t as familiar with accounting practices and terminology. Hiring managers find that capability incredibly valuable, but it’s not something all candidates highlight. As a result, it can be an excellent differentiator.

3. Showcase Your Passion and Enthusiasm for the Field and Role

When you’re interviewing for a new accounting position, demonstrating your passion and enthusiasm goes a long way. Hiring managers favor candidates who are clearly excited about the world of accounting. Not only are enthusiastic professionals more engaged, they’re typically more productive. Plus, when an accounting employee is passionate about the field, they often stay on top of industry happenings and understand the need for ongoing improvement and why remaining agile matters, making them better employees.

Enthusiasm for that specific role is another sign of heightened engagement. Additionally, it shows that you have the potential to become a loyal employee, as those who are passionate not just about accounting but that specific employer or job are typically more likely to remain long-term.

Essentially, passion and enthusiasm can give hiring managers more confidence about you as a candidate. As a result, it’s wise to let both shine through during the meeting.

4. Practice Answering Common Accounting Interview Questions

Even if you’re highly experienced and comfortable discussing accounting topics, practicing answers to common accounting interviews before your meeting is an intelligent move. It lets you familiarize yourself with exactly what you want to share, which leads to a stronger delivery during the interview. Plus, it can make the experience less stressful, as you’ll know precisely what you want to say.

You can also go further by practicing summaries of various achievements outside of the context of a specific accounting interview question. By doing so, you’re increasing your comfort level with that material, making it easier to discuss the accomplishments if you’re asked a question you didn’t expect and the experience happens to apply.

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