In the midst of the Great Resignation, many people are finding that they have to make up for labor shortages in their industries. During a time of high turnover like this, accounting and finance professionals can feel additional stress in the workplace. If they are in charge of payroll, managing new employees and old employees’ paychecks, severance, etc. As more people leave, the responsibilities of the employees who remain increase.

Work-life balance can feel impossible and, eventually, you will burn out. Knowing how to balance a heavy workload and knowing when you should leave are both important. Here’s what you need to know.

Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

You have to make work-life balance a priority. It is also important to determine where your priorities are. What parts of your job do you make a priority? What parts of your personal life are a priority? All of this should have an impact on the career you pursue. Consider the types of projects you prefer to work on and how they impact your personal priorities, like being able to spend time with family.

Push for Change in the Workplace

A lot of the time, if you are feeling burnt out so are your coworkers. Make a push for change in the workplace to help improve work-life balance for everyone. See what your managers can do to establish better practices to help everyone in the office. Ask for set break times and areas where employees can unplug from their workday for an hour. Consider ways you can make your workplace a more enjoyable place to be too.

Stay Organized and Do Your Best

Being unorganized will lead you to feel more anxious and burnt out. Take some time to organize your physical workspace as well as digital files on your computer. Doing this will help improve your workflow and keep things moving, despite your heavy workload. Utilizing planners and other organizational tools like project management systems can help you better manage what’s on your plate too.

Take Regular Breaks

Take breaks throughout the workday to keep yourself from feeling burnt out by lunchtime. You should also take time off on a regular basis too. Schedule yourself for a three-day weekend here and there. If you think you will get flack from your boss, explain that the break will help you step back and return with an improved attitude towards their work.

Seek Out Employers That Prioritize Balance

If you choose to look for a new job because your work-life balance needs aren’t being met, make sure your next employer prioritizes it. For example, if you need more flexibility in your schedule or where you work, look for that flexibility in your next position. Similarly, if you want to have more paid time off, search for a job that supplies you with what you are looking for. That being said, how do you know when it is time to move on?

How to Know When It’s Time to Move On

If you stay in a career rut long, it can hurt your professional reputation. So, it is important to know the difference between when you can unplug and return with more vigor or when you need to switch jobs entirely. Look out for the signs below.

Anyone who has felt burnt out at work has likely hesitated when it came to quitting their jobs. You don’t want a short-term burnout to cost you a good job. In some cases, it is time to move on though. If you don’t see any possibility for a healthy work-life balance for you in the position, it is time to look for a new job.

Other signs you should look for a new job include feeling like you are underpaid or underappreciated, having no room for advancement, or discovering you are a poor cultural fit for the organization. Professionals will usually stop progressing in their positions and feel stuck. They’ll even stop developing new skills or keeping up with industry trends.

Sometimes, there is just a gut feeling that you no longer want to work with the company anymore. Maybe your values no longer align or your interests are not being nourished with your daily tasks. Whatever the case may be, these feelings can be a huge sign that it is time to move on to the next thing.

Get Help From Staffing Professionals to Find Your Next Job

Accounting and finance professionals can get help from staffing agencies like Burnett Specialists. Our recruiters get to know you and your long-term career goals. Then, we connect you with job opportunities that meet both your short-term and long-term needs. Let us help you find a position that helps you establish a healthy work-life balance and pursue a fulfilling carer.

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