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The Value of Incorporating More Temp-to-Hire Positions

Feb 7, 2024 | Interview Tips

Making intelligent, strategic hiring decisions is often more challenging than hiring managers expect. Regretfully, you can only learn so much about a candidate from their resume and an interview or two. Often, that leaves hiring managers extending offers to candidates who might not be the best fit.

If a new hire ultimately proves a poor selection, it’s often a costly mistake. Productivity declines usually occur. Additionally, morale may slip if other team members have to make up for the new hire’s shortcomings. Then, there are expenses related to recruiting new candidates if the initially selected one is terminated.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to hire. By incorporating more temp-to-hire positions, companies can find out if candidates are genuinely the best match before extending permanent job offers. If you’re trying to decide if temp-to-hire jobs are the best option for your company, here’s a look at just some of the benefits this hiring strategy provides.

The Value of Incorporating More Temp-to-Hire Positions

Accelerated Hiring with Support from Dedicated Recruiters

Temp-to-hire positions are typically supported by a staffing agency, and the approach is beneficial for several reasons. First, you’ll partner with experienced recruiters to identify right-fit talent. Along with an existing database of vetted candidates, the recruitment team is adept at sourcing new talent to fill a variety of needs. They know how to meet candidates where they are and keep them engaged throughout the process, leading to shorter recruitment timelines.

Additionally, the process of securing talent is accelerated. Recruitment agencies use streamlined but robust procedures to screen candidates for fit. Since the selected job seeker also begins in the position on the staffing firm’s payroll, they often have critical payroll-related steps handled in advance. That allows client companies to get a new hire on board in less time.

Cost-Effective Recruitment That Also Saves Time

Partnering with a temp-to-hire staffing agency is a highly cost-effective strategy for recruitment. The staffing firm handles all costs associated with advertising the position and sourcing talent, eliminating a potentially significant financial burden. Additionally, the recruitment team will manage all of the initial vetting, including steps like reference checks, background checks, skills assessments, and in-depth interviews.

Along with lowering costs, partnering with a recruitment firm allows hiring managers to focus more of their energy on other responsibilities. They don’t have to spend time sifting through resumes, calling references, or conducting other steps to find right-fit talent. Instead, they can wait until the recruitment team identifies candidates who are genuinely strong matches, reducing the amount of time they need to spend focused on hiring.

Additionally, since the new hire will initially remain on the recruitment agency’s payroll, the administrative burden associated with onboarding new talent, setting up their payroll, and administering benefits is eliminated. Again, that helps lower the total cost while also giving existing team members more time to handle other critical responsibilities.

The Ability to Conduct Working Interviews to Assess Fit

One of the most distinct benefits of using a temp-to-hire arrangement is the ability to functionally conduct working interviews. Candidates remain on the staffing firm’s payroll when initially placed on assignment with a client company.

During that period, the hiring organization has yet to make a formal commitment. Instead, they maintain exceptional flexibility and reduce risk. They can assess a candidate while they actively perform the duties associated with the role. Client companies don’t have to make a formal hiring decision (regarding whether the job seeker will become a permanent employee) until they’ve shown they can excel in the position. That provides significant peace of mind, as it eliminates many of the risks associated with making poor hiring decisions.

While on assignment, the candidate also gets to evaluate the company to ensure it’s the right fit for them. Ultimately, this works in everyone’s favor, as the talent that remains and later accepts a permanent offer is often as enthusiastic about staying as the company is about keeping them onboard.

Evaluate Potential Long-Term Requirements Before Committing

Many companies have specific needs that could make adding a new permanent position to their workforce plan seem like an intelligent strategic move. However, only after a person is brought on board is it typically clear whether those extra hands are needed indefinitely.

If the new hire is brought on permanently, it can prove problematic if it turns out there isn’t a significant enough workload to justify their position. Fortunately, with temp-to-hire positions, it’s possible to eliminate that risk. Companies can secure talent based on their expected needs, allowing them to determine if there’s genuinely a long-term requirement. If so, they can invite the candidate to come on board permanently, but if there isn’t, they can release the worker without any negative ramifications.

Highly Enthusiastic New Hires That Are Striving to Impress

Candidates who fill temp-to-hire positions understand that they aren’t guaranteed a spot in a client company’s permanent workforce. Instead, they know they need to earn it by exceeding expectations and providing substantial value. As a result, temp-to-hire workers are often highly enthusiastic and strive to impress. In turn, they constantly work to improve their performance and are typically incredibly productive.

Are You Ready to Incorporate Temp-to-Hire Positions? Burnett Specialists Can Help!

Temp-to-hire positions benefit employers and candidates alike, allowing everyone to ensure the best possible fit. Plus, it’s a cost-effective and flexible solution, giving companies the agility they need to thrive.

At Burnett Specialists, we help companies leverage the power of temp-to-hire positions effectively. Our recruiters are adept at sourcing incredible talent, including highly skilled professionals looking for immediate opportunities. Additionally, we prioritize the candidate and client experience, ensuring everyone is well supported throughout the recruitment and hiring journey.

If you have vacant positions and want to incorporate more temp-to-hire opportunities into the mix, the recruitment team at Burnett Specialists makes the process simple. Request more information to find out more about how our offerings can boost hiring success, all while streamlining your recruitment process and ensuring your organization can effectively connect with the candidates it needs to meet its goals.

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