How Being a Team Player Can Help Land Your Next Job

In just about every job, working well with other people has become a vital part of being successful. All organizations want great team players located in every department. When you’re on the job search, working successfully in teams is an interview question that you will more than likely hear from the hiring manager.

How can you explain that you are a team player? What are some ways to show your success working in groups in the past? Let’s take a look at some methods.

How Being a Team Player Can Help Land Your Next Job 1

Don’t Take All the Credit for a Project
Most projects feature a number of different employees working together for the common goal. If you are a project lead, make sure to mention that in the job interview. However, if you were just a member of the team, don’t make it sound as if you carried the weight of the entire group. That attitude sends the wrong message and can make the hiring manager think you really aren’t a team player. Yes, you want to show that you are productive, but let your references speak for you in this area.

Show Flexibility

Job descriptions provide the main focus of what the position will entail on a daily basis. What can make you stand out in the eyes of management is the willingness to accept any task and do it well. Share an example in your job interview about doing something that wasn’t in your normal job responsibilities and how you enjoyed helping the rest of your company.

Proper Communication

There’s an old saying of “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” One dominant voice in a meeting doesn’t typically bode well for anyone. However, don’t be afraid to speak up when you are asked or feel there is a need. When communicating with your team, focus on being clear, direct and honest in an encouraging, confident and respectful manner. Not everyone will agree all the time, but constructive criticism and good discussions can lead to the best results.

Being Consistent

Good teams have members who understand their roles. Accepting your role and doing it well leads to other employees counting on you when they need something done. If you can show your co-workers how they can rely on you for specific tasks will exhibit the importance of your role on the team. Everyone has good days and bad days, but staying consistent gives people a sense of what to expect from you on a daily basis.

Be Respectful

Whether it’s publicly or in private, no one wants to associate themselves with a disrespectful co-worker. In a job interview, a candidate must convey how no one wants to work with someone who talks behind the back of other people or is more concerned with cutting people down instead of propping them up. Good teams have a lot of excellent team members, who aren’t afraid of everyone being successful. They aren’t filled with team members looking to disparage others.

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