Many people think that working with a staffing agency means you are looking for permanent work, however, agencies can be helpful to individuals searching for seasonal jobs as well. For college students especially, staffing agencies can help you with finding a summer job that can assist you in getting your career off to a good start.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help You Find a Summer Job

If you are looking for a summer job or temporary work, the search can start to feel a bit bleak. It may feel like there are no companies hiring for positions you are looking for or no companies are interested in what you have to offer. Staffing firms are already plugged into the job market and know what is available. If you are looking for a job while you are home from school for the summer, they can set you up in a position.

Finding a Summer Job in Your Future Industry

Most agencies are specialized in a specific industry, meaning they are more aware of what certain companies are searching for in a temporary employee. You can start working with an agency that is specialized in the area you want to be working in full-time eventually and get a head start on your career.

A knowledgeable recruiter will also be able to help you navigate the market changes in the industry. For instance, many industries transitioned to mostly remote work within the past year, a recruiter can help you navigate how to find a job in the field you are studying and provide more information about what the current market looks like.

Agencies Have the Experience Needed  

In general, staffing companies have more experience searching for and finding jobs that fit your skills. The average professional in the United States ventures out on a job search every 3.5 years or so. That may mean they are out of loop as far as what employers are looking for. A staffing agency is engaged in the market and assisting people in getting hired all the time.

As a college student, this may be the first time you are looking for work in your respective field. A staffing firm can help you identify what skills you have to offer and what types of jobs fit your current seasonal needs. They have worked with people trying to land temporary jobs before and know what you need to get in.

Help You Prep for Interacting With the Employer

Beyond that, they can help you prepare your resume, get ready for interviews, and stay in touch throughout your employment to be sure the job is truly a good fit. They know exactly what each company is looking for and can put you in a better position to get the job. First, they can help you adjust your resume so that you are showcasing what you have to offer as a summer employee.

After they’ve assisted you in polishing up your resume, they can then hold mock interviews and truly get you ready to interact with potential employers. Recruiters will also have inside information about what specific company’s cultures are like and give you details that will help you decide if it is a job you really want to take on.

Recruiters Can Provide You With Feedback

Another thing recruiters at staffing agencies are great for is providing feedback regarding your resume, interview skills, and job search. You may be limiting your search too much by focusing on very specific roles and companies. An agency can provide you with some feedback and open your eyes to other opportunities. Temporary roles can include things like summer internships, seasonal work, or project-based jobs.

Recruiters will give you an idea of what you should be looking for in terms of company culture so that you know your skills and personality will mesh well. As mentioned above, they can also offer constructive thoughts on your resume and how to best showcase what you have to offer a potential employer. Many agencies will also help you perform a mock interview so that you can be ready when you go to meet the hiring managers for the first time.

Connected to Companies Looking for Temporary Help

On top of all the benefits listed above, staffing firms are already plugged in and connected with companies who are looking for help. They know which organizations are searching for summer interns and temporary employees. Recruiters are also knowledgeable about exactly what each company is searching for in terms of the perfect employee for the job.

Looking for a Summer Job to Kick Start Your Career?

Working with a staffing agency can really help you pinpoint good seasonal jobs that can help you with the future of your career. Contact Burnett Specialists for help finding the perfect summer job for you.

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