As the summer heats up, legal professionals start to burn out. Burnout often reaches all-time highs during the summer months for many professions, but legal professionals can especially feel the drag during this time of year. Below are a few helpful tips to help fight burnout for legal professionals through the summer months.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a feeling people get when they have been working a lot or overextending themselves. Oftentimes this happens in the workplace because there is a lack of resources or intense demands from higher-ups. In some cases, it may even lead them to leave their position with a firm or the profession altogether. Many people in legal professionals have been trying to establish a better work-life balance to lessen the burden of burnout.

4 Tips for Legal Professionals Experiencing Burnout

Recognize Your Burnout

While every profession comes with some occasional stress and challenges, it is important to be able to identify the symptoms of burnout. Some of the most common signs include fatigue, headaches, social withdrawal, and absenteeism. It can often lead them to start missing work, failing to meet deadlines, and other problems in the workplace. Burnout can also lead to a lack of attention to detail, which is often crucial for practicing attorneys and other individuals working in the legal field.

So, how can you prevent burnout? Here are a few tips that may be able to help.

Give Yourself a Break

It is important to give yourself breaks on the regular. Carve out time each and every day where you are unplugged from work and don’t waiver from that. Having this time set aside each day is important to maintain your own mental health and prevent burnout. You should also be sure to take your lunch breaks and other breaks periodically throughout the day as well.

Beyond that, you should make time for vacations too. Dedicating some time away from your duties can help you relax and recharge. Just be sure you plan for your vacation in advance. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the work that may be piling up while you away. Create a plan for getting ahead or having your duties covered while you’re on vacation. You should also get someone else up to speed on administrative tasks you typically handle before you leave as well. This way, you won’t have to plug back in on your vacation to answer questions or calls.

Utilize Technology

Believe it or not, a lot of your time is likely spent doing things not directly related to law. Instead, much of your day is focused on taking care of smaller admin tasks that could be streamlined to make your life a little easier. Thankfully, there are plenty of technological advancements to help make these duties less of a burden and allow you to focus on the more important tasks at hand. For example, you may consider using an automated system to answer frequently asked questions. You may also set up automated responses with contact information and other frequent replies.

Many firms are focused on the number of billable hours a legal professional is charging. Utilizing technology for these smaller tasks can help save a lot of time without the additional stress. It also makes the billable hours you are charging hours spent working on more important assignments instead of things like answering emails or calls.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

It is also extremely important to remember the basics. Your health and exercise routine are typically the first things to go when you’re feeling stressed out. Pressure at work may feel like it is taking over your life but making sure to continue to take care of yourself is of dire importance and it can greatly reduce your risk of burnout.

Strive to do some type of exercise every day. You can start small by simply taking a walk during your lunch break or carving out 30 minutes a day for yourself can make a huge difference. Without your physical or mental health intact, you will not be able to sufficiently do your job. If the firm you work for offers flexible work schedules or remote work opportunities, take advantage of those perks as well. Believe it or not, providing yourself with some flexibility can vastly improve your mental health. Take the time you would usually spend commuting to the office to do something special for yourself.

Need to Find A New and Exciting Job? Burnett Specialists Can Help!

Sometimes burnout shouldn’t be ignored though. While there are ways to combat it, there comes a time where a career or job change may be necessary. If you have tried the above tips and still aren’t noticing any change, you may need to consider seeking different employment. Contact Burnett Specialists if it is time for a change and you need help finding your next great job.

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