The new year is approaching quickly, and companies in every industry are working to develop strategic hiring plans that help them overcome workforce challenges. Currently, recruitment difficulties are the norm due to the widespread labor shortage and pervasive skill gaps. Since having the right team by your side is critical for success, understanding the hiring trends that will impact 2023 is essential.

By familiarizing yourself with today’s hiring trends, you can proactively come up with solutions to ensure you achieve your recruitment goals. Here is an overview of the 2023 hiring trends you should be aware of, allowing you to prepare for the year ahead.

2023 Hiring Trends You Should Be Aware Of

The Continuing Rise of the Employer Brand

Currently, candidates understand that they have choices when seeking out new opportunities. As a result, they’re spending time researching what prospective employers bring to the table, looking for a value proposition and culture that supports their ongoing needs and career success.

As a result, employer branding will remain critical for companies looking to fill open positions. Offering and showcasing an exceptional candidate experience is an increasingly crucial part of that equation. Along the same lines, transparency about salaries and benefits could become the norm, as well as highlighting commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Essentially, a company’s reputation as an employer is vital in the eyes of job seekers. In turn, companies will increasingly focus on boosting their employer brand to respond to this trend.

Remote and Hybrid Work Remain Relevant

Remote work isn’t going to disappear in 2023, even with most companies formally reopening their workplaces. Many professionals find telecommuting offers them improved work-life balance, so allowing full-time remote work or hybrid arrangements are essential for attracting these candidates.

Similarly, many candidates view full-time telecommuting or hybrid options as methods for reducing the impact of inflation on their household. Since rising costs will remain a concern as 2023 begins – and potentially much longer – interest in remote-friendly or flexible opportunities will stay high.

Additionally, remote work gives companies increased agility during labor shortages. Recruiting from outside of their physical area is possible with full-time telecommuting roles, making it easier to broaden their talent pool to meet their hiring needs.

Hiring for Soft Skills

Today, the world of business is in a state of flux. Inflation and a potential recession on the horizon mean that companies need agile employees that can adapt to shifting needs. Whether that’s regularly adjusting priorities, transitioning seamlessly between on-site or remote work, or remaining flexible enough to support shifts in the company, soft skills are a crucial part of the equation.

While valuing soft skills during the candidate selection process isn’t new, the emphasis on soft skills is growing. In many cases, hard skills are teachable, while many soft skills are harder for employers to develop in their workforce. As a result, candidates are increasingly chosen for their soft skills and overall potential, and then they’re upskilled to cover any missing technical expertise that’s required for their roles.

The Need for Flexibility

Inflation and a potential recession on the horizon mean that companies need to remain agile. As a result, many are exploring alternative hiring arrangements that give them critical flexibility.

During 2023, the use of temporary and temp-to-hire hiring will become a core part of many organizations’ workforce management strategies. With temporary employees, there’s no long-term commitment and less risk, allowing businesses to scale up when demand rises and scale down when it falls. Temp-to-hire gives companies a chance to conduct working interviews before extending permanent job offers, ensuring the fit is right before bringing the candidate onto their payroll.

Ultimately, these alternative hiring arrangements provide much-needed workforce agility. Since 2023 will likely be tumultuous, these programs will provide exceptional value and security during what may be challenging times, making them incredibly popular among employers.

Embracing More Recruitment Resources

Simply listing an opening on a job board isn’t enough to ensure companies will attract top talent in 2023. In many cases, vacancy announcements on those sites are quickly buried by openings listed by other companies, decreasing overall visibility. Additionally, the overall quality of the applicants is potentially lackluster, and many listings attract fake job applications, including some from cybercriminals.

Due to these challenges – as well as a general shortage of qualified candidates – companies are turning to a wider array of recruitment resources to source talent. Employee referral programs are an increasingly popular choice. Since a company’s workforce often knows precisely what it takes to excel at the organization and in various roles, their recommendations are commonly higher quality.

Additionally, turning to a reputable, local staffing firm is becoming a go-to recruitment method. When a company partners with professional recruiters at a staffing firm, it immediately broadens its talent pool. Plus, recruiters know how to meet candidates where they are, increasing access to niche skill sets that are harder to find.

A staffing firm can also elevate the candidate experience. Along the getting to know the client company and the role, there’s a focus on candidate engagement, communication, and ensuring the right overall fit. Plus, the hiring process is comprehensive but streamlined and includes critical screening steps that are handled before a job seeker is recommended to a hiring manager. As a result, the quality of the referred candidates is higher, and the time-to-hire is shortened, making it far easier for a company to achieve its recruitment goals.

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