3 Ways to Be Ready for Staff Turnover

When employees leave – either because they found a new opportunity or management had to let them go – their absence is felt across all departments. Not least of all, turnover can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. In fact, a study by the Center for American Progress revealed that employers spend about $10,000 on hiring and training each time an employee who makes $50,000 or less leaves. It’s easy to see how turnover can be a huge financial burden to most businesses.

Turnover will happen; there’s no way to avoid it. However, you can take steps to make sure that an employee leaving doesn’t make as much of an impact on morale, productivity and profits. The experienced recruiters at Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists have come up with this list of effective ways to be ready when turnover hits.

3 Ways to Be Ready for Staff Turnover 1

Give feedback early and often
Employees are more successful when they understand your expectations and how to meet them. When your staff knows the expectations, they can be better prepared when those expectations change, even temporarily. This will also create a paper trail for individuals who might be let go for repeat offenses, which will ensure your HR team can document the need to terminate.

Value them as professionals and as people
In order to be prepared for turnover, you’ll want your staff to feel appreciated and valuable to a company. When you take the time to inspire and empower your staff, they’ll be more likely to step up to take on additional roles while you try to fill a vacancy. By recognizing their achievements, your employees’ motivation will skyrocket, which will keep morale high, even when stress starts to increase. Even your temporary and contract workers will develop a strong sense of loyalty when they’re recognized for a job well done.

Be flexible with schedules and duties
If your company experiences turnover at certain times of the year, you can be ahead of the curve by creating a flexible workplace year round. Give your employees the flexibility they need to be effective and satisfied by offering a variety of shifts, telecommute options and access to technology that speeds up production. Adjust your thinking so that you put the person first, not the position. When faced with unexpected turnover, your crew can move schedules and delegate duties to fill the gaps until a permanent solution is found.

Allow them to own their jobs
When employees feel a sense of ownership in their jobs, they are more likely to make their work a personal responsibility. Step back and let your employees take control over their work spaces, daily tasks and processes. Be more concerned with the outcome, not the process, and you’ll be amazed at how your staff can flourish autonomously. This sense of ownership will not only help your company prepare for turnover, it will also help you prevent it.

Turnover can be an enormous expense for companies in all industries. Fortunately, it’s also one expense that can be preventable. Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists has helped hundreds of prominent Texas businesses tackle turnover issues with custom-tailored solutions that fit their needs. Our recruiters can connect your company with highly trained and advanced employees, ready to fill any gaps due to turnover. Contact a leader among staffing agencies in Texas today!​

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