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Get the Edge over Other Job Candidates

Get the Edge over Other Job Candidates

Sometimes, the door to our success is the one we open for ourselves. Standing out from the crowd by working smarter – not harder – at applying for jobs can do the trick. It’s time to clean out the stale job-hunting tactics that aren’t producing results. Rewriting your cover letter can give you an edge. Write a hard-hitting opening line

Your cover letter should really be called your sales letter. Your opening line – for example: With over 10 years of profit-driven project management expertise… – should address the company’s need for a bottom-line driven project manager, share your years of experience and hit the job title. Now you’ve scored three big points in the first line alone.

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Position yourself as a benefit to the company

After your opening line, immediately jump into how you can meet the organization’s needs based on the requirements the company posted in their online ad or job description. You know you excel in your field and you have the references to back you up. Maybe you’re a machinist with experience on a variety of complex types of equipment. Perhaps you’re an administrative professional with rare high-tech skills. Do a little research to find out the major challenges facing this company. Then, in your cover letter, reach out to them by promoting yourself not only as a qualified employee, but as a solution to industry issues. Show them how you can help them achieve their goals.

Back up your claims

Include a quote from a former employer if relevant. This is a great way to “sell” what you’re capable of accomplishing for an organization. If the employer has a specific requirement in their job ad and you’ve already done that somewhere else and have a great recommendation or quote from a previous supervisor to back it up – WOW! – there really isn’t better sales/marketing material than that. Not much can beat a quote about your results.

Match their mission

Check out the company’s mission statement and insert their keywords into your cover letter. Make sure your skills match those listed in the job description. Grab their attention by being the best candidate possible.

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