Do You Know Which Qualities Your Top Employees Possess?

Every business owner knows that the job responsibilities for employees at all levels have become more and more complex. Top performers in any industry display strong communication skills, can collaborate with a diverse team, and are able to navigate high-tech software. Now, not all of your employees across the board nail all of these, but your top ones most certainly do.

The skills, knowledge and talent of your employees keeps a business moving forward. It’s not just about customer needs or client demand; the qualities your employees possess also impact the profitability of your bottom line. Soft skills allow workers to stay productive and work along side each other with ease. Specific technical skills are the foundation for success in positions at every level. When looking to post an open position, be sure to look for candidates who have a strong mix of both. Qualities for top employees include:


Do You Know Which Qualities Your Top Employees Possess? 1

Collaboration: Every company has teams and departments, so it’s essential to be able to collaborate effectively with those in positions both above and below. Being part of a team helps keep customers happy, production rolling and helps other departments focus on big-picture projects.

Communication: In many workforce environments, employees are intermixed, working with people in different positions, varied education levels and diverse backgrounds. Communicating with a diverse workforce in a way that each individual will understand is a key quality of a top-performing employee. Not only will communication help workflow processes move more smoothly, but it will help your company improve its employee retention and boost its bottom line.

Critical Thinking: Your employees make judgment calls every day. From personal decisions about family needs to professional choices about what type of material to use or how to communicate with a client, employees who make the best decisions are often critical thinkers. If you want your staff to become more effective multi-taskers, they must think quickly and critically, staying organized and managing time effectively.

Flexibility: The only constant in any industry is change. Technology changes, strategies change and the market changes. Employees must be able to adapt to all of these changes both professionally and personally. Your top performers’ qualities typically involve effortless flexibility, cool thinking in high-pressure situations and developing solutions that focus on long-term goals.

Organization: It may seem trivial, but top employees will also keep the work space clutter-free and organized. Think about the valuable time that could be wasted looking for files or tools – how much does it all add up to? Being more organized helps save time and money.Are you looking for new employees with these essential top qualities? Maybe you’re looking to move up a few strong employees and fill their vacant positions with temporary or permanent hires. At Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists, we’re skilled at providing talented candidates with strong knowledge, proven experience and essential soft skills. Contact us today at and we can connect you with a workforce ready to help your business succeed.

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