With tax season in full swing, there are many opportunities for work as an accountant. However, choosing the right position for you can be difficult. There is a multitude of contract, part-time, full-time, and seasonal positions open right now. Here are a few tips to help you find the right fit.


Tips for Finding Accounting Jobs This Tax Season

How to Find the Right Position

There is obviously no magic formula to finding the perfect job in any field, but there are several things you can do to start off on the right track. First of all, you need to determine exactly what your career goals are. What are you hoping to accomplish within the next five or 10 years of your career?

It isn’t a bad idea to schedule your job search tasks either. For instance, if you have a goal of applying to at least a job each day, carve out a specific time for each task. You should also carve out time to follow up on each application as well. Setting these reminders will help you stay on top of your search.

Additionally, no matter where you are in your job hunt, it is always a good idea to continue expanding your professional network. These new contacts in the industry can help alert you to new job openings and good companies to work with.

Seasonal Work vs. Full-Time

If you are having trouble finding work, you may want to consider opening up to different levels of commitment. You may have more luck if you search for seasonal, temporary, or part-time accounting jobs this tax season. Even if it is not the full-time position you hope to have in the long-run, it can keep your job experience relevant. Many of these positions can also lead to full-time jobs as well.

There are some pros and cons to taking on seasonal work though. Typically, seasonal or contract workers in accounting jobs will not be eligible for benefits or paid time off. As mentioned, seasonal work can keep your resume relevant within your industry.

Remote vs. In-Office Jobs

Right now, there are more remote work positions available than ever before. This gives you, as an applicant, even more opportunities to apply for positions that meet your needs. You can aim for salary requirements or desired benefits. Whatever the most important part of your job search may be, opening yourself up to remote positions will expand your opportunities greatly.

In some cases, remote work will require you to have access to your own accounting software and other tools in your home. This can be difficult if you don’t already have these things, but keep in mind, it can be a write off on your taxes. Not to mention, having the software at home opens you up to even more available positions.

What to Expect in Benefits

Look at similar positions like the one you are applying for and think in terms of salary and benefits. How does this position compare to others like it? Take into consideration your experience and current pay rate as well. Determine what you are looking for in your next position and list your desires before you start searching.

Depending on what kind of accounting job you find and its location, salaries can range from $53,500 to $121,500. A staff accountant’s salary typically falls in the middle around $75,000. Remote jobs tend to pay a little less than in-office work. Additional benefits will vary based on the employer, length of time employed, and whether or not it is a full-time position. Ask about the company’s benefits and which employees they extend to. Some businesses offer benefits for part-time and contract workers.

Where to Find the Jobs

Just about every business out there has an accounting department, but not every accounting job will be the right fit for your skills set or career goals. For instance, a small startup is not likely to need multiple team members in the accounting department yet. Because of this, there is less wiggle room in potential positions open. On the other hand, a larger business may have the need for an accounting manager, analysts, and administrators.

Typically, you can find out about these job openings through the company’s website or social media. Applicants may also be able to tap into their professional network to find open positions.

Work With a Recruiter

Lastly, it is never a bad idea to work with a third-party when you are looking for a new job. Staffing agencies can help you find a job that suits your long-term career goals and expertise. They also have access to all different kinds of clients, so whether you are looking for something full-time or seasonal, they know what companies in the industry are hiring.

Looking for An Accounting Job? We Can Help!

If you are looking for an accounting position, consider working with a staffing agency to find a job that fits your needs. The team of professionals at Burnett Specialists can help you identify companies and positions that may be of interest to you. Contact us to see how we can assist you in finding your next accounting job.


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