Benefits Today's Top Talent Are Looking For

Benefits Today’s Top Talent Are Looking for

Sep 20, 2023 | Job Seekers

When you’re looking for top talent to fill vacant positions, there’s no denying that the salaries you offer play a critical role in the equation. Financial compensation is always important, but it’s essential to realize that it’s not the only factor that matters to today’s workforce. Candidates also prioritize an array of benefits, and they favor employers that bring what they’re after to the table.

By offering the benefits today’s top talent is looking for, your company will have an easier time connecting with the high-value candidates it needs to thrive. Here’s a look at what job seekers want to see offered by prospective employers.

Benefits Today’s Top Talent Are Looking for

Health and Wellness Benefits

While health and wellness benefits have long been desirable, the pandemic made these offerings more essential in the eyes of candidates. In most cases, offering a robust healthcare insurance plan is a strong foundation, but companies need to go beyond that if they want to attract the best and brightest.

Make sure that any coverage you offer has substantial mental health benefits, and consider setting up an employee assistance program for urgent situations if one’s not already in place. Providing access to various coaches – such as financial, nutritional, and career – can also add value in this area, allowing employees to get expert guidance.

Nutrition-oriented benefits like discounted meal delivery services or free healthy meals and snacks at work can be worth considering. Reduced cost or free fitness center access is another option to explore.

Work-Life Balance Benefits

Another point that gained more attention during and after the pandemic is work-life balance. Today’s professionals want to ensure that they can effectively manage their professional lives without overly sacrificing their personal ones. As a result, many seek out opportunities with employers that make that easier.

Typically, two benefits fall distinctly in this category: remote work and flexible schedules. Remote work allows employees to avoid lengthy commutes, giving them more time at home. Plus, it can make caring for loved ones easier if there’s a need, and it lets them work in an environment in which they’re comfortable.

Flexible schedules support work-life balance by allowing employees to adapt when they work around various needs. For example, they can adjust to accommodate a medical appointment or to run a critical errand that has to take place during a traditional workday.

Paid time off can also be considered a work-life balance benefit. Vacation time allows employees to step away to relax and recharge, while sick leave gives them a chance to recover without worrying about a reduction in pay.

Retirement and Financial Planning Benefits

Generally, having access to some retirement plan is a must in the eyes of candidates, and the majority prefer a program with an employer match. That allows them to plan for their financial future more effectively, giving them a sense of security.

However, it’s wise to consider going beyond simply offering a retirement plan. By having financial planning benefits – such as access to a financial advisor – employees can prepare for other major life events or financial goals, all with guidance from an expert. That provides them with more value, which can help an employer stand out from the competition.

Professional Development and Education Benefits

Most top talent has career aspirations beyond their current role, and they strongly favor employers that can help them make their dreams a reality. Offering training opportunities is essential from their perspective, as that’s often the most straightforward way for them to develop professionally. Mentorship programs can also provide value, as they serve as skill-building opportunities and give them access to support along the way.

However, don’t overlook education benefits when creating an enticing benefits package. Student loan assistance and tuition reimbursement are highly desirable today, as the cost of advancing one’s education is often high. By offering those programs, it could allow your company to differentiate itself from the competition, giving you more access to top talent.

Advancement Opportunities

Along with chances to develop professionally, candidates want to know that any effort to enhance their skills can translate into opportunities to move up at their company. If they don’t, then they may take their updated skillsets and start looking for positions elsewhere.

Ultimately, this means having advancement opportunities available is a critical benefit to offer. Develop clear pathways for advancement internally, and make sure managers can guide their teams down those roads, acting as coaches or mentors along the way. By doing so, top talent will see a clear benefit of selecting your company over a competitor. Plus, it can help boost retention, as employees won’t have to leave to keep their careers on track.

Family-Oriented Benefits

Offering a wide array of family-oriented benefits is another way to attract top talent. Generally, it’s best if it goes beyond the basics, such as the ability to add dependents to medical insurance plans. For example, extended parental leave – including maternity, paternity, and adoption – is often a highly desirable perk. Daycare discounts or on-site daycare services can help a company stand out from competitors.

Having benefits that assist with pet care can also work well. For example, giving employees access to pet insurance is worth exploring. Most people with pets consider their pets family members, so offering benefits that support those parts of their household can work wonders when you want to attract top talent.

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