Determining If A Career In HR Is Right For You!

Determining If a Career in HR Is Right for You!

Oct 4, 2023 | Job Seekers

Human resources (HR) professionals are critical members of any company’s workforce. The role is often people-centric, but it also has intriguing technical aspects to ensure compliance and cultivate positive cultures.For many new, returning, or transitioning members of the workforce, that makes HR sound like a solid option. But before you begin your new journey, it’s wise to go the extra mile to ensure HR is the perfect fit.

If you want to determine if a career in HR is right for you, here’s how to go about it.

See if an HR Career is Right for You!

What Do Human Resources Professionals Do?

Human resources professionals are primarily focused on workforce management and employee support, all while ensuring company goals are achieved. While the exact duties can vary depending on the precise role, many HR positions have responsibilities in common.

Here is an overview of some of the primary duties associated with HR positions:

  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Recruitment and candidate screening
  • Job description creation and updating
  • Employee onboarding and training
  • Personnel file management
  • Conflict mediation
  • Performance review administering
  • Improvement plan development
  • Employee policy management
  • Exit interviewing

Some HR professionals may be responsible for all of the duties above (and potentially more), while other roles are focused on specific functional areas. For example, an HR employee may concentrate solely on recruitment and hiring activities or might focus entirely on payroll and benefits administration.

What Do You Need to Launch a Career in HR?

In many cases, HR professionals prepare for their careers by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in human resources. Through the associated courses, aspiring professionals can learn about personnel management, legal compliance, employee advocacy, benefits administration, and other key knowledge areas that set them up for success.

As their career unfolds, HR professionals may also acquire relevant certifications. One of the more popular options is the Professionals in Human Resources (PHR) certification, though it’s not the only one available. The benefit of certifications is that they allow HR pros to showcase their expertise and separate themselves from other candidates during job searches, which can make moving up far easier.

Learn About Different HR Roles

As mentioned previously, HR professionals can work in a wide variety of roles. For those who want to handle a wide variety of duties, working as an HR Generalist could be the most appealing option. However, for anyone who’d like to focus on a particular HR niche, there are options available.

Here is a list of some of the most widely available HR roles:

  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • HR Analyst
  • HR Generalist
  • Recruiter
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Training Manager

By exploring the various job options, it’s easier to determine whether a particular path is a stronger fit. Then, you can design your career to move in that specific direction.

Assess Your Personality

HR professionals typically do best if they have certain personality traits. Many of the roles are people-centric, so being sociable, professional, and friendly is helpful. Similarly, a strong sense of ethics is a must, as dealing with confidential information is typically part of all HR roles.

Being a skilled problem-solver is also essential, as well as having a tactful and methodical approach to conflict or problem-solving. A desire to help others also goes a long way, as well as the ability to balance the needs of the company with those of various individuals.

Evaluate Your Skillset

While technical abilities associated with various HR functions are undeniably critical, there are also additional skills that provide HR professionals with value. The ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing is absolutely essential, including being able to break down complex topics and make them easy to understand by people with less expertise.

HR pros often need strong research skills as well, ensuring they can remain on top of shifting regulations or find solutions to unique problems. Time management and accountability are critical, as well as the ability to guide or teach others.

In many cases, HR professionals work as part of a larger team. Since that’s the case, collaboration skills provide substantial value, too.

Consider Your Career Goals

HR professionals have plenty of opportunities to grow and advance, regardless of whether they specialize or remain a generalist. As a result, it’s wise to explore senior-level HR positions and consider whether they align with your longer career goals.

In most cases, you’ll want to spend time reviewing the positions that logically follow any entry-level opportunities that catch your interest. Additionally, check out the paths that would put you in a management or leadership role. By doing so, you can see if the long-term potential of a career in HR aligns with your priorities and preferences, making it easier to determine if a career in HR is a solid fit.

Conduct Informational Interviews

Once you start identifying HR roles and career paths that seem like good choices, reach out to other HR professionals in similar positions and request information interviews. During an informational interview, you get a chance to learn more about what it’s actually like to work in the field. Often, these discussions are very enlightening. Plus, they can help you lay the foundation of a professional network, which can serve you well if you decide to pursue a career in HR.

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