The skills gap in the information technology (IT) and tech fields is steadily growing. Technology is evolving fast and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Because of this, many companies are finding it difficult to find top tech talent with up-to-date skills through traditional channels.

On top of the constantly changing technology, the tech talent pool is already extremely limited and the market is competitive. For smaller businesses not in the tech industry, it can be virtually impossible to find candidates to help with tech-related jobs or tasks. They are not typically able to offer the same flashy benefits package a large tech company may be able to. Here are some tips for employers looking to combat this gap and hire top tech talent regardless.

4 Tips for Hiring Top Tech Talent

Utilize Fast Track Programs

You may consider utilizing fast-track programs to help you bridge the skills gap in your already existing tech team. Google has created some programs that will help people earn certificates to help create pathways to certain careers. Specifically, they have created certificate programs to help individuals learn more about project management, UX design, data analysis, and other in-demand jobs.

These programs are more accessible and more affordable than attending a four-year university. As an employer, you may consider enrolling some of your staff in these six-month certificate programs to help address immediate needs within your organization. However, while these programs are promising and may help temporarily, they shouldn’t be solely relied upon to mend the skill gap.

Reskill Your Staff

 The talent you need may already be working for you. You may not need to recruit externally at all. While they may require more than a six-month course, putting the time and effort into upskilling or reskilling your staff is a valuable option to have. It can save you time, money, and effort. Not to mention, these individuals are already familiar with company goals, processes, and fit into the culture well.

To identify which members of your staff might be good candidates for upskilling or reskilling, look to the lower-to-mid level employees. You want to pick out individuals who learn on their feet and have the aptitude to pick up new skills. It may even be worthwhile to poll your staff to see who might have a special interest in learning new skills, more specifically learning technical skills.

Revamp Your Recruiting Strategy

If you aren’t finding the talent you want and don’t have access to internal talent it may be time to revamp your recruiting strategy. It is important not to limit yourself to one demographic of people. For instance, many companies direct their search for tech talent to colleges and universities. This greatly limits the number of potential applicants you may receive for an open position. Thankfully, there is no shortage of places where you can find top tech talent to hire.

For starters, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with tech candidates. You may also consider attending local tech meetups or conventions to make connections within the industry. Make it known that you are looking to fill tech roles within your organization. Alternative skills programs, such as online programs, can also be a good way to source potential candidates. These programs do have their downfalls though, so be sure to do your research and identify those that have success in placing tech talent in company roles.

Don’t Solely Focus on Hard Skills

While their tech abilities are important, you shouldn’t solely focus on a candidate’s hard skills. Prioritize soft skills as well. For example, many people in tech positions need to be flexible. After all, the industry they work in is changing every day. Be sure to field for soft skills like this when you are searching for someone for those hard-to-fill roles.

Other soft skills you may want to emphasize in your search are the ability to continue learning, good communication and collaboration skills, time management, empathy, and teamwork. Each of these skills can help tech employees with specific aspects of their day-to-day jobs.

Employ Outside Help  

The above tips can help you in hiring top tech talent and bridge the skills gap within your own organization, but sometimes outside help is needed. Employing the help of recruiters or individuals already tapped into the tech field can be a great way to find the candidate you are looking for. They have knowledge of the industry and are already in touch with individuals looking for work in the field.

Need Help Hiring Top Tech Talent? Burnett Specialists Can Help!

Working with a staffing agency can assist you in finding candidates for those more hard-to-fill positions. They are in connection with candidates who work in specific industries, like tech, and can streamline the hiring process to find you the help you need. Contact Burnett Specialists and our team of professionals can assist you in finding skilled tech candidates to add to your staff.

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