Staffing firms can be a great resource to your company when you are looking to fill a new position, whether it be full-time or temporary. Not only can they help you fill the position, but they can assist you in determining a salary range and possibly identify other needs for your staff. Here are some of the specific benefits you can see from working with an agency and how Burnett Specialists can help your business.

What You Need to Know About Working With a Staffing Firm

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

There are several benefits to working with a staffing agency that you may have not already considered. First, it is the agency’s job to “sell” potential employees on your company. This takes the pressure off you and any hiring managers to land top talent. Instead, you can focus on main operations and day-to-day work while the agency vets potential candidates.

Staffing agencies already have access to a qualified pool of candidates as well. Usually, the agency specializes in your industry or in the specific field you are looking for help in. So, they will already have many candidates who may be a perfect fit. Best of all, it can all be catered to your specific needs.

In addition to saving time on the hiring process as a whole, you will also save money. The hiring process, along with training, can cost the equivalent of the employee’s salary. Utilizing the help of staffing professionals greatly decreases that cost.

How to Get Started

Working with a staffing agency can be a little daunting if your company hasn’t worked with one in the past. The process will start with you or your hiring managers having a conversation with one of the recruiters at Burnett Specialists. You will want to discuss things like the company culture, hiring needs, preferences, what exactly you are looking for, and any timeline that needs to be met.

During this meeting, you will also discuss any terms and fees that will apply to your company for the services being provided. After that discussion is complete, the agency will issue a contract outlining the terms that were agreed upon during the initial meeting. Once this contract has been completed and signed, the recruitment team can begin helping you fill the open positions within your company.

The Benefits of Finding Staff With Burnett Specialists

Fees With Burnett Specialists

Fees for our staffing services at Burnett Specialists are contingency-based. This means you only pay a single fee once the right candidate is found for the role. Typically, our direct hire fees are a percentage of the hired employee’s first year’s salary. This is agreed upon beforehand.

Fees for temp or temp-to-hire employees are usually built into the new employee’s hourly rate. This bill rate is based on several factors, including admin expenses, taxes, insurance, benefits, and any other operational costs Burnett Specialists incurs during the sourcing process. All of these fees and rates will be outlined during your initial meeting with our recruiters.

Services Offered By Burnett Specialists

Burnett Specialists offer a number of services to employers ranging from applicant sourcing and screening to assisting in the interview process. Our team can also help you craft a good job description to find the right talent for your team. If you need help determining the appropriate hourly rate or salary for a position, we can help with that too.

In addition to these staffing resources, we also offer payroll services for employers. This can help if you want to hire someone but need to outsource things such as administrative work and the hiring process. When payroll services are turned over to an agency like us, there is a significant decrease in employment costs for your organization. If this is something your company may benefit from, fees for these services can be discussed during the initial meeting with the recruiter.

How Quickly Can You Get Staff to Fill Positions?

Our organization has been in business for more than 45 years, so we have our staffing services down to a science. We can begin presenting you with candidates within 24 hours, depending on your specific needs and requirements for filling the position.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Agencies?

So, you may be wondering, “Why Burnett Specialists?”

Our firm is the second-largest employee-owned staffing firm in the United States. This means that you will be working with an owner of the company throughout the entire hiring process. For us, it makes the job more personal, and each of our team members is invested in the success of your organization. In addition to being employee-owned, we are also a certified woman-owned business. This helps you, as an employer, get more diversity in your hiring.

Burnett Specialists has also been in business for 45 years, as mentioned above. We were established in 1974 and, since then, have grown to occupy nine offices in six major cities in the state of Texas. This can help us address the different geographical needs of our clients without them having to float from agency to agency.

On top of all of that, our company has a diversified recruitment team. Our staff has a wide range of skill specializations. This diversity helps us address all of your company’s hiring needs better than our competitors. Also, Burnett Specialists offers a guarantee on each of our placements, meaning if the new employee does not fit the bill for any reason, we offer a one-time replacement for that position.

Staff Your Team Today! 

Burnett Specialists can help you staff your team with professionals that will help your company meet its goals. Contact us for more information about how we can assist you.

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