Give Constructive Feedback that Has an Impact

In order to encourage and inspire quality productivity, managers and business owners must address both strengths and weakness in their workforce. Understanding the ways each specific employee impacts productivity can reveal the connection between employee success and company success. With this awareness, you can provide feedback to your staff that could boost productivity, reduce turnover and skyrocket morale.

In our high-tech, fast-paced world, feedback often gets pushed aside to put out fires or meet a quota. However, feedback isn’t just about the future of your employees; it can also direct the future of your business.

3 Ways to Give Constructive Feedback That Has an Impact

Give Constructive Feedback that Has an Impact 1

Consider the position and the person.
Before giving feedback, ask yourself: What does the person need to focus on in order to be as successful as possible in this position? This specific worker combined with your specific needs must blend together to achieve these goals. When giving feedback, don’t just look at the position or the person, look at both. Feedback is both praise and critique, so ask yourself: Do they work better on a team? Do they need more guided supervision? What kind of encouragement will increase productivity?

Set expectations that are challenging, but not impossible.
Feedback should make clear the expectations you have for your workforce. Find a clear way that you and the employee can easily assign goals that meet expectations for boosting productivity. Many employees excel when challenged; they feel a greater sense of purpose. Reaching for goals helps motivate them, increase the quality of their work and improve their self-confidence. Once defined, make sure the employee understands step by step what they need to accomplish. When it’s time to sit down for future feedback, don’t just look at what was accomplished, but also how.

Team-based incentive program enhance feedback.
Both formal and casual incentive programs invigorate your employees, and develop an appreciation of teamwork and support that permeates the whole workforce. Team-based incentive programs create momentum, a chain reaction of higher performance and accountability. For example, a struggling sales associate is more likely to enhance client engagement when supported and motivated by the entire sales team. Not only will group incentives help bolster the productivity of its members, it will also build improve morale within your organization.

Feedback comes in all shapes and sizes – from noting the highest scorers in an incentive program to conducting detailed one-on-one performance reviews. To truly understand how to make your employees work their best, you must praise the strengths and examine the weaknesses from multiple angles. Want to boost productivity on your team? The recruitment specialists Burnett and Choice Specialists can help you motivate your workforce and elevate the overall performance of your entire crew. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions.