As 2022 gets closer to coming to a close, many people and businesses set their sights on the horizon. The past year was a tumultuous one. For some, that meant falling short of targets that were set when the year began. For others, there was continuous adapting, allowing them to select new objectives that were ultimately more realistic based on shifting circumstances.

While the beginning of 2023 will come with its own challenges, companies can pivot and adapt to reach greater heights. As you prepare your goals for the next year, here are some strategies that will increase your odds of hitting the target.

Pivoting and Adapting Your Goals for 2023

Before you begin formalizing any goals for the coming year, it’s wise to spend some time examining your progress toward your 2022 targets. Review the goals you set for 2022 as a starting point. Consider why you chose them, structured them, changed them over the course of the year, and felt about either hitting or missing the mark. This gives you insights into your overall mentality, as well as creates opportunities to identify potential shortcomings in your approach

Then, do some research to identify how close you were to the various objectives that you didn’t hit. Determine what factors played a role in missing the target, separating those that were within your control from those that were impacted by forces outside of your purview. By doing so, you can figure out missteps on your part that you can potentially correct, as well as recognize situations where any actions wouldn’t alter the result based on how circumstances beyond you unfolded.

After that exercise, it’s time to examine the road ahead. Analyze the challenges that exist in the current economic paradigm, business climate, labor market, and other areas that relate to your potential new goals. The goal here is awareness, as knowing the obstacles you may encounter helps you remain realistic and create plans that let you navigate the various challenges.

Once you’ve done that, you’re in a position to pivot or adapt your goals for 2023. You can determine if adjusting an existing target makes sense based on the current landscape or if heading in a new direction is ultimately beneficial.

How to Create New Goals for 2023

An effective goal-setting process involves more than picking a vague target. Instead, you need to dig into the nuances, allowing you to turn a simple objective into a functional roadmap for ongoing success. Here’s how to make it happen.

Use the SMART Approach

SMART goals are the best approach for businesses and individuals alike. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound, creating functional guidelines for defining your targets.

For specificity, your goal needs to be clear and focused. Measurability involves the addition of trackable metrics, such as increasing productivity by a particular percentage or reducing costs by a set dollar amount.

Achievability is an essential component. If a goal isn’t achievable, your odds of following through decline significantly. A target that’s unachievable isn’t motivating; it’s frustrating and disheartening. As a result, it’s best to aim for challenging but doable.

Realistic goals are those you can reasonably attain. It involves ensuring you have the knowledge, skills, time, funding, and everything else needed to head in that direction.

The time-bound factor essentially involves setting deadlines for your goals. By having a timeline for completion, you create a sense of urgency. Plus, you’ll have an easier time assigning deadlines for key milestones on that journey, giving you a schedule to follow.

Use the Milestone Approach for Actionability

In some cases, reaching a goal is a multi-step journey. As a result, it feels incredibly cumbersome at first glance since they’re so much required.

Fortunately, you can simplify the journey. Look at a single target and break it down into actionable steps with associated metrics for tracking and deadlines for completion. That gives you a definitive path between where you are and where you want to be, making it easier to proceed.

If you struggle with outlining the steps, try working backward. Look at the goal and identify what has to be in place immediately before its achieved, using that to define a milestone. Continue moving back until you reach where you are now.

Once you have the steps, create an official calendar for the goal. This can include writing up a list of each step with a due date, adding reminders into digital calendars to alert you when new actions are required, or creating a formal project plan if you’re looking at a company-oriented objective.

Formalize Your Goals in Writing

Formalizing your goals in writing may seem inconsequential, but it’s actually vital. Written goals can give you a physical reminder of what you hope to achieve, allowing them to serve as a source of motivation.

From a company perspective, officially publishing goals accomplishes several things. First, it boosts awareness across the entire organization. Second, it gives your workforce insights that help them adjust their priorities accordingly. Finally, it creates opportunities to celebrate reaching a target collectively.

Revisit Your Goals Regularly and Adjust

No one knows for sure what 2023 will have in store for companies. As a result, it’s best to view your goals as living documents that need adjustments based on fluctuating circumstances.

Make sure you revisit your goals regularly. Precisely when that is may vary depending on the nature of the targets and the availability of data. However, aiming for monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly check-ins is usually wise. That allows you to assess the evolving situation, identify new obstacles, acknowledge progress or successes, and otherwise refine your goals throughout the year.

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