How Do You Write a Post-Interview Thank-You Note?

If you aren’t following up after an interview, you seriously risk losing the employment opportunity. A brief thank-you note after an interview is a great way to stay fresh in the hiring manager’s mind and show that you respect their time. It’s also an opportunity to recover if you missed any questions or left out any important experience details.

So when you feel like you nailed an interview, but a few days pass and you haven’t heard a word, you may be feeling the impact of forgetting to send a thank-you follow up. Don’t worry; here are a few tips for writing a brief, but effective, thank-you note following an interview.

How Do You Write a Post-Interview Thank-You Note? 1

How should I follow up?

A follow-up note, phone call or email should be sent within 24 hours. It can help your application stay near the top of the talent pool and reminds the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the position. A thank-you note also shows respect for the time taken to meet with you. Follow-ups are both an art and a science. They should be brief and optimistic, conversational yet professional. There are many different ways to follow up after an interview; how and when you do it is almost as important as the interview itself.

A follow-up also allows you to check in on the hiring process progress, as well as offer any additional information you may have forgotten in the original interview.

What should I say in my follow-up?

Thank the interviewers for their time and energy, and then offer up a few additional resources that really outline your experience. You can even have your references write recommendation notes to reiterate your strengths. Do you have a degree or additional certifications? Are you trained on specific software or have experience with cutting-edge technology? Have you led a team or project to success? Spend two lines thanking the hiring team, and then one to two additional lines highlighting the abilities that make you stand out.

How should you follow up after an interview?

The best option here is to mirror the hiring manager’s preferred method of communication. If the HR professional has been contacting you by phone, the best way then follow up by phone. If the interview is with a more traditional company, consider sending with a handwritten note. However, if you have access to the hiring manager’s email address, then that can sometimes be an efficient and effective choice.

At Burnett and Choice Specialists, we know that sending a follow-up thank-you note can intimidate many job seekers. That’s why we’re here – to help you build the confidence you need to land your ideal job. Whether you’re looking for temporary, contract work or a full-time permanent career, we can connect you with opportunities and help you prepare. Give us a call today!