With many companies making permanent changes to their workplace model, it is important to consider what best meets your needs and values. Not everyone will thrive in a remote work setting, while other people prefer it. You might want more flexibility in your schedule and where you work. Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips to help you choose between remote, in-person, or hybrid work opportunities.

What to Consider For When Choosing What Work Model Is Right For You

Your Health and Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies and employees to start taking health and safety more seriously. Returning to the office full-time, rather than a remote or hybrid setting, comes with a level of risk. You need to ask about your employer’s policies. Will people be required to show proof of vaccination to return to the office? Is social distancing encouraged? How large is the office and is the ventilation system effective? Wait for your employer to announce the precautions they plan to take upon return to the office. Get information about sanitization efforts and other COVID-related policies.

You should also take your mental health into consideration too. Many people have reported that they are experiencing anxiety when it comes to returning to the office. When working from home, you can often avoid office conflict and possibly focus a bit better. You can create an environment free of distractions. If you feel more comfortable at home or feel your mental health would suffer returning to the office full-time, discuss your options with your employer.

Your Job Description

Now is a good time to review your job description and ask for any changes to be made in writing. The pandemic forced many employers to adjust the way they look at certain jobs within the organization. Some positions are more flexible than others.

Some jobs can be worked 100% remotely, while others may require in-person tasks to be completed. Your options will likely differ, depending on your position and occupation. Talk to your employer about the options available to you and be sure you submit a request for a formal edit to your job description. This will help ensure you know what is expected of you where coming into the office is concerned.

Your Communication Style is Important

There are aspects of your personality and communication style that impact what work model will be best for you. If you truly want to thrive, you need to work in an environment where you are able to clearly and effectively communicate. Knowing what communication styles you prefer will help promote collaboration with your coworkers, managers, and other people on your team. For instance, if you would like to participate in in-person meetings, you shouldn’t choose a job that is 100% remote.

Similarly, if you like to work independently and would like to communicate with team members via virtual platforms, a hybrid or remote work model may be the best for you. Making a decision based on your communication style will help put you in a position to succeed.

Personality Traits

At the end of the day, everyone is different. Your own personality traits and preferences will come into play when deciding which work model is the best for you. Take the time to reflect on your experience throughout the pandemic and how it impacted you. Some workers have found they prefer working from home, while others can’t wait to get back into the office with their colleagues.

Think about the way you work with others and retain information. Are you better able to do it in a virtual setting or at the office? Some individuals may find they learn faster on the job by being able to physically observe others at an in-person job. Others find the isolation of remote work helps them focus on the task at hand. Consider how you feel about your work environment.

Your Priorities

On a personal level, consider your priorities. While your career is important, it isn’t the only important thing in your life. If a remote work situation helps you better balance professional and personal obligations, make it a goal to work remotely. Similarly, if you find it difficult to meet the expectations of your employer working from home, make arrangements to return to the office or a coworking space.

The Future of Your Career

Another thing to take into consideration when deciding what work model is right for your career is where you want to end up long-term. Sometimes, remote work won’t fit into your long-term goals. When you work from home 100% of the time, it makes it harder for employers to promote you or gain influence in the company. This is because you are less visible than the employees that go into the office on a regular basis. So, that is something to keep in mind if you want to expand your career with your current employer.

Ready to Find Work That Works for You? 

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