Improve Office Culture by Really Focusing on Your Team

Have you ever found yourself staring at a stack of applications, wondering why you keep finding yourself in this situation? Your employees keep leaving and you have no idea how to improve the office culture to make them want to stay. You’re not alone; from office managers to warehouse supervisors, business leaders in every industry have faced high turnover at least once. There are many reasons your team feels unstable, many you can control by focusing on your office culture.

Office culture emphasizes the values your organization sees as important, and this includes the way your employees can expect to be treated. If your office culture is high stress and individualistic, turnover is almost certain to be an issue. However, if your office culture focuses on what the team needs to succeed, you’ll find your employees feel they are being treated more fairly. When your office culture focuses on your team, turnover reduces, while morale improves. Both of those elements substantially impact productivity. Here are a few more ways your office culture can focus on your team.

Improve Office Culture by Really Focusing on Your Team 1

Employee Recognition​
When faced with starting an employee recognition program, several employers feel they just don’t have the time. We know that those in leadership roles often live with tightly packed schedules. By recognizing their employees’ achievements, they are essentially celebrating success together. Motivation will increase and the employees will strive to reach higher, both for themselves and the company. Recognition can be big or small – from an annual company picnic to giving out gift cards for coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Flexible Shifts​
Why does accounting have to occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Some employees are more productive in the morning while others do their best in the afternoons. Employees are more productive when the office culture gives them the freedom to work at the times and places that support their success. Offering a variety of shifts and remote working opportunities can give your workers the flexibility they need to be productive, especially when it means they can better manage their work-life balance.

Professional Development​
One of the best ways to improve company culture is to focus on what your team needs to become better at their jobs and their teamwork. Don’t just train once and be done, but invest in your employees for the long term. Offer regular workshops and trainings to target skill building and teamwork. Be flexible about those who want to go back to school or earn new certifications. Development of interpersonal skills can transform your office into a place that fosters team building and support. The influx of cutting-edge skills will give your employees and your company a more competitive edge. Research shows that new employees decide whether or not to stay for the long term within the first six months. That means that when one of your hourly workers quits or your managers moves on, you are left to fill unpredictable gaps. Partnering with a staffing firm like Burnett and Choice Specialist can save you time and money by finding you the best candidate and maximizing their skills with a strategic company culture.