It can be difficult to attract top accounting talent to your business.  Everything you do as an employer has an impact on the candidates you receive. From writing your job description to what benefits you should offer, there are things you can do to improve your chances of landing high-level accountants. Here are some tips that will help you in your search.

How to Find and Hire Talented Accountants 

Write an Accurate Job Description

Writing an effective job description can be difficult. You want to be as specific as possible in what you are looking for. Be clear about the skills and experience you are in need of. For instance, if you are looking for someone with at least three years of experience, you should state that in the job posting. Other potential requirements may be a bachelor’s degree or specific certifications.

Beyond the experience requirements, you should also outline the job tasks and what daily responsibilities will be. Taking the time to be specific about this will help potential candidates determine if they are interested or even a good fit. However, be careful about what skills you include in the post. The must-haves are what should be highlighted. You may turn some candidates off by listing too many required skills.

Consider Your Company Culture

You should consider the environment and company culture you are offering potential employees. Find a way to show what a “day in the life” of someone that works with you is like. Some employers do this by including a video about the office and team members. If you have remote work capabilities, include that in the job listing as well and talk about how your team stays in touch from home. Include information about the software and programs you use to ensure your team stays plugged in.

Highlight the things that are important to your organization. For instance, is work-life balance important to your team? Note that in the job search so other individuals seeking a good balance are drawn to your company. You should also include information about the company’s core values and if there are any advancement opportunities available.

Look at Hard and Soft Skills

Many employers focus too much on the hard skills of potential employees, especially when they are doing something like accounting. Of course, there are some hard accounting skills that will be necessary for the job at hand. However, it is important to interview for soft skills as well.

You can ask hard skill questions like the types of accounting software they are most familiar with, of course, but field for soft skills too. For example, if communication is important for the position they are applying for ask about experience in communicating with difficult clients. This can give you a good idea of their communication and problem-solving skills.

Offer Something Competitive

When it comes to hiring high-level accountants, you need to be prepared to offer a competitive package. Look at what other employers in the industry are offering in terms of salary and benefits. You can find this information through salary guides and industry research.

Then find a way your organization can make moves to be more competitive in the job market. In your job listing, outline any potential perks, benefits, and salary information. Typically, health insurance and paid time off are at the top of the list when it comes to what potential employees are searching for.

If you aren’t able to offer as high a salary as others in the industry, consider what more you can give. Many potential candidates are looking for jobs that have more flexibility or remote opportunities. If this is something you can accommodate, let it be known the position can be flexible.

Follow Up With References

Asking for references is more than just a formality. You should follow up and check them. It can greatly help with confidence in your hiring process. When you contact the candidate’s professional references it will give you more information about their work ethic and style. It can also give you insight into what the potential new hire has accomplished in previous positions.

Before contacting them, think about the exact questions you can ask based on the candidate’s experience. For instance, if they worked as an accountant in the past, you can ask them about specific experiences with the candidate in their organization. Then you can take it a step further by asking how they think the candidate would do in this new role. You can also field for any potential downfalls or poor work ethic during these conversations.

Work With an Agency

Working with a staffing agency can help you find the best talent for your business. They have a team of professionals that are skilled in identifying the needs of a business. You can also cover more ground by working with a recruiter. When you plug into a staffing agency’s talent pool, you will get access to candidates you may have not otherwise encountered.

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