El Paso Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services

Business owners and hiring managers usually need the flexibility to tailor the size of their staff to meet a variety of unique situations. At Burnett Specialists, we pride ourselves in quickly locating top-tier talent to meet nearly any employment need. Our El Paso temporary employee staffing company uses a sophisticated talent recruitment network to find and hire employees with the skills your team needs. We also help place job seekers into exciting careers based on their qualifications. Our team understands your staffing needs, and we are here to assist.

Let Our El Paso Temporary Employee Placement Company Exceed Your Expectations

Employers and job seekers rely on our temporary employee staffing company in El Paso, TX, to match qualified candidates to your open positions. Our employee-owned company is trusted throughout Texas to locate, recruit and hire the skilled workers that employers desperately need. Both employers and job seekers utilize our temporary employee placement services to address a variety of staffing shortfalls during some of the following situations:

  • Employee vacation or maternity leave
  • Seasonal or holiday peaks
  • Employee family medical leave situations
  • Hiring freezes
  • Production peaks
  • Special projects

Clients across the great state of Texas turn to our El Paso temporary employee staffing company to recruit and place top talent. At Burnett Specialists, we pride ourselves on saving money for our clients. Let us handle all aspects of your recruiting and hiring needs across multiple industries.

El Paso Office

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Call Burnett Specialists today to see how our El Paso temporary employee placement company can exceed your expectations. We want to help you hire the best talent to ensure your company’s success. Pick up the phone and call 915-779-3770 today.

Accounting Or Finance Staffing Solutions

Qualified staff can be hard to find these days. It is time-consuming and expensive. And sometimes, you have to hire more than one candidate to find the right fit. At Burnett Specialists, we can provide the El Paso accounting temporary placement you need without the hiring process hassle. You can count on our recruiters who specialize in accounting to match you with experienced and talented staff.

The Number One Choice for El Paso Accounting Temporary Staffing

By outsourcing your needs for accounting temporary placement in El Paso, TX, you can save time and money while letting us match you directly with the stuff you need. As the top choice for El Paso finance temporary placement, we have a reputation for providing fast results for our clients. Stop sifting through endless resumes and let Burnett Specialists find the right staff for your company.

For These Reasons and More, You’re in Stellar Hands With Us for Finance Temporary Placement in El Paso, Tx:

Customer service. Burnett Specialists is a 100 percent employee-owned staffing agency. Our team members are here to meet your staffing needs.
Specialized recruiters. If you are searching for temporary accounting staff, you want a recruiter that understands your industry-specific needs. At Burnett Specialists, you will get just that. Wide range of recruits. Since our recruiters are always searching for new talent, including El Paso finance temporary staffing, we consistently have an ever-growing candidate pool of approximately 800,000 talented workers. With such a large selection, we can quickly fulfill your staffing needs.

Business Administrative Staffing Solutions

Administrative support is a vital role that keeps a company running smoothly, efficiently, and on track. Our administrative temporary staffing agency in El Paso, TX, Burnett Specialists, has been providing talented employees in this field since 1974. We are the largest employee-owned recruiting firm in Texas, and our clients rely on our El Paso administrative temporary staffing agency to address their staffing needs. We offer highly competitive rates and unmatched recruiting services to locate and hire top talent to support your company.

Let Our El Paso Administrative Temporary Staffing Firm Exceed Your Expectations

At Burnett Specialists, our recruiters specialize in finding top-tier candidates across the full spectrum of administrative support. Our El Paso executive temporary staffing firm is on call to save your company time and money by hiring skilled employees that meet your needs.

Let us find administrative support for your team today for positions including, but not limited to:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Executive Administrative Assistants
  • Coders
  • Copy Clerks
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • File Clerks
  • Front Desk Professionals
  • General Office Clerks
  • Medical Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Receptionists
  • Sales Support
  • Scanners

As an employee-owned business, our clients have the distinct advantage of working directly with an owner. Your recruiting team at Burnett Specialists is here to help you hire the best administrative talent available.

Job Postings

Corporate Accountant

The Woodlands, Texas

Administrative Assistant - Payroll Department

Houston, Texas

Machine Shop Manager

El Paso, Texas

Export Specialist

El Paso, Texas

Customer Service Call Center Staffing Solutions

Stop settling for “okay” when looking for customer service talent to help you grow your business. At Burnett Specialists, we put hard work into recruiting and finding talent so you can focus on your business.

We’re an award-winning customer service staffing firm in El Paso, TX, and the largest employee-owned staffing and placement firm in Texas. We offer quality talent at constantly measured prices against constantly changing recruiting industry standards.

Arlington Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services

The El Paso Customer Service Staffing Agency for You

Our company spends over $2.7 million annually on additional recruiting tools and advertising costs so we can attract the best talent for your business. We have an ever-growing network of over 800,000 active candidates, and our recruiters interview hundreds more weekly. Choose us as your call center staffing agency in El Paso, TX, and take advantage of our specialized, proven, results-driven recruiting process.

With our flat organization, you have immediate access to our higher management without going through the bureaucracy like our competitors. Without those delays, we can provide you with the needed employees faster.

Contract Engineering Staffing Solutions

Contract engineering staffing solutions for your business don’t generally come easy, but when you need qualified, skilled, and talented candidates for your contingent workforce, you can turn to Burnett Specialists. An award-winning, nationally certified El Paso contract project staffing company, Burnett Specialists provides excellent customer service that puts your business first so you can succeed.

Find Flexible Staffing Solutions for Your Business

Get the convenience you need and the talent your company deserves with a flexible workforce. We offer contract project staffing in El Paso in many industries, so no matter what your needs, Burnett Specialists can help.

Our team connects qualified candidates across many sectors, including:

  • Administration: Call center, customer service, medical administration, and clerical
  • Financial: Mortgage, banking, accounting
  • Technical: Information technology and engineering
  • Additional Industries: Legal, HR, sales and marketing, convention support, light industrial, manufacturing, supply chain, and many more

The largest employee-owned staffing and placement firm in Texas, Burnett Specialists, is a company with proven results that you can trust. An El Paso temporary job staffing service that gives customized solutions for your contract and temporary staffing needs, we make it easy for your company to excel.

Helping Job Seekers Find Contract and Temporary Work

Enhance your skills, gain experience, and find contract and temporary work that fits your unique talents and abilities when you work with Burnett Specialists as a job seeker. Specializing in temporary job staffing in El Paso, TX, we work hard to find you work that matches your skill sets and needs.

Top El Paso Contract Project Staffing Firm

Why wait to get on the road to success? Contact us today. Our team of experts specializes in El Paso temporary job staffing, so you can feel confident you’ll get the service and workforce solutions you need. Professional owners of the company are standing by to help. Call us at 915-779-3770 or visit our contact us page on our website.

Headhunter Services That Match You With Highly Qualified Talent

  • An award-winning job headhunter in El Paso, TX, we go the extra mile to ensure the best candidates fit your needs. Whether you are looking to fill a management position, need technical talent, or need a specifically skilled specialist, we have the resources and industry experience to make it happen.
  • We can find suitable candidates for your business from a broad and diverse range of industries, including banking and finance, IT, engineering, sales and marketing, light industrial, call center, administrative clerical, and more.
  • We are a nationally certified El Paso recruiting company with a proven track record of success, so you can rest assured that we'll do everything we can to get results regarding your most essential staffing needs.
  • At Burnett Specialists, you not only work with knowledgeable recruitment professionals, but we provide hassle-free solutions to your workforce needs at competitive prices.

Information Technology Job Headhunter

Take the stress out of finding the best candidates for your business by turning to a trustworthy, local El Paso job headhunter. At Burnett Specialists, we take the time to pre-screen qualified individuals who will align with the skill sets and positions you are seeking to fill. Our expert team of recruiters is here to recruit and vet top-tier talent across several industries who will meet your specific job requirements.

We Can Help Talented People Find Great Careers

Our El Paso, TX recruiting company, can also help you if you are in the market for a new position. We’ll work with you to find the best place for your skill set and match you with a company that offers the right fit.

Contact Our El Paso Job Headhunter Firm Now

As the largest employee-owned recruitment agency in Texas, you can feel confident that we can help find the right individuals for your business. Our top El Paso recruiting company will pair you with your needed experienced and qualified talent. Quickly reach out by visiting our contact us page on our website or contact Burnett Specialists by phone today at 915-779-3770 to find the answers to your recruiting or job searching needs.

Legal Staffing Solutions

At Burnett Specialists, we pride ourselves on being the premier El Paso legal staffing firm. We’ve earned that reputation by recruiting the top legal talent in the area. The placement specialists at our El Paso legal placement agency establish long-term relationships with our legal clients. We make it a priority to get to know their staffing needs so that we can find the ideal candidate with the right skillsets for their open positions.

How Can Our Legal Staffing Firm in El Paso, Tx Help You?

Our El Paso legal placement firm attracts the best job seekers with many skills that law firms, corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies need. Whether you need help temporarily or are looking for someone to augment your workforce as a full-time employee, our El Paso legal staffing agency has access to quality professionals, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Compliance specialists
  • Contract administrators
  • Paralegals
  • We also have highly-qualified legal support staff personnel, including but not limited to:
  • Law clerks
  • Legal assistants
  • Legal file clerks
  • Litigation support specialists
  • Receptionists

Our clients trust our El Paso legal staffing firm to provide talented, experienced, motivated people who will be an asset to their team.

Do we Believe In Diversity?

Our legal staffing agency in El Paso, TX, is an employee-owned, woman-owned business. We believe that a diverse workforce is one of the keys to success for our clients and us. As an employee-owned business, our recruitment and placement specialists take pride in matching talented candidates with employers where their skills and expertise will be valued.

Arlington Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services


If you’ve been searching for a legal placement firm in El Paso, TX, you can rely on it; your search is over. Call us at 915-779-3770 or email us on our website. We look forward to being your go-to legal placement agency in El Paso, TX.

Light Industrial Assembly Staffing Solutions

Texas’s largest employee-owned staffing and placement firm are ready for new, fantastic clients. We want to be your trusted choice for an El Paso light industrial assembly job staffing agency. With a proven, award-winning track record of helping businesses grow, a wealth of specialized industry experience, and competitive prices.

Why Choose Burnett as Your Light Industrial Assembly Job Staffing Agency in El Paso, Tx?

Most staffing agencies focus on temporary staffing OR direct-hire placements, but not both services. When you choose us as your El Paso light industrial assembly job recruiting agency, you have a company on your side that can get you precisely what you want, whenever you want it. Count on us for all positions, including direct-hire placements, temporary staffing, and temporary-to-hire employees.

No upfront fees. Contact us today and see how we can find an affordable option for you. As your light industrial assembly job recruiting agency in El Paso, TX, we’re putting our top-ranked industry recruiters on your side.

Out of our pool of more than 800,000 candidates and the hundreds more we interview each week, we work to find the perfect candidates so that you don’t have to. You only pay a fee once we place our candidate with you.
Because we’re an employee-owned El Paso light industrial assembly job staffing agency, you will speak to an owner of the company every time you talk with us.

Manufacturing or Warehouse Staffing Solutions

When you need to fill vacant positions, the hiring process can often be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, at Burnett Specialists, we offer El Paso manufacturing job recruiting services so that you can save both time and money. As the premier El Paso manufacturing job recruiting agency, we can provide practical solutions to maintaining an efficient workforce.

Arlington Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services

Top Texas Temporary Staffing and Direct-hire Recruiting Service

Unlike many staffing and recruiting agencies, we offer you the advantage of dealing directly with the owners of our company. In 2010, Sue and Rusty Burnett decided they wanted to give back to the people who helped make their company successful. They did an Employee Stock Ownership Plan as a strategy for the company’s future. Full-time and temporary/contract staff employees take part in this unique ownership.

We are now Texas’ largest employee-owned staffing and recruitment agency as ranked by the National Center for Employee Ownership. We are also a nationally certified woman-owned business, with Sue Burnett continuing as President.

Marketing and Sales Staffing Solutions

Why not reach out to the top Irving marketing and sales recruiting firm when you need a staffing solution for your company? At Burnett Specialists, we have successfully matched employers with talented staff for over 40 years.

Our recruiters have connected to thousands of individuals across the state, so we have a large pool of candidates to choose from when companies reach out to us for staff.

Why spend time and money interviewing an endless stream of candidates when the premier Irving marketing and sales recruiting agency can match you with the team you need in no time?

Supply Chain & Logistics Staffing Solutions

If your business relies on warehouses that are well managed and running safely and efficiently, you know the importance of a skilled workforce. So does the team at Burnett Specialists. Our El Paso warehouse operations staffing firm helps businesses like yours meet their warehouse staffing needs by matching them with experienced, motivated employees.

Arlington Staffing Agency & Job Placement Services

Choose the Leading Marketing and Sales Recruiting Firm in Irving Tx

The hiring process is hard work and can take your management team away from the business’s daily operations. By partnering with us as your marketing and sales recruiting agency in Irving, TX, your team can focus on running the company while our recruiters provide you with talented staff.

  • Experienced team. Our recruiters specialize in finding the right staff for our clients. They can build a customized staffing solution to match your business with workers that can not only get the job done but will be a good fit with your business’s company culture.
  • Success is a priority. Our success depends on your success. We pride ourselves on not only matching employers with great employees but also matching workers with their dream jobs.
  • A variety of options. We can fill a variety of positions within your company. Whether you need accounting staff, sales and marketing personnel, engineers, or IT specialists, we can connect you with the right people.

Why You Need a Warehouse Operations Staffing Firm in El Paso Tx

Not all staffing firms understand the needs of companies that rely on efficient, cost-effective warehouse operations for their success. At Burnett Specialists, we have recruitment specialists specializing in this industry and its ever-changing technology and challenges.

Our warehouse operations staffing agency in El Paso, TX, has a talent pool that includes:

  • Distribution coordinators
  • Order pickers/ Packagers
  • Materials management technicians
  • Forklift operators
  • Laborers
  • Procurement managers
  • Shipping/Receiving

When we place someone in your warehouse, you get the experience, skills, and safety training to run the job with little or no downtime for you or your staff.

The Largest Employee-owned Recruiting Firm in Texas

Whether you need temporary help to handle a busy time of year or influx of work, or you’re looking for part-time or full-time employees to hire, our El Paso warehouse operations staffing agency will find suitable candidates. We’re constantly interviewing qualified workers with our client’s needs in mind.

We’re proud that our success has allowed us to grow. However, we’ve never lost focus on providing exceptional customer service by building long-term one-on-one relationships with our clients. The more we get to know you and your warehouse operations needs, the better we can match your warehouse jobs with skilled workers who will be an asset to your company.

Here's what our clients and candidates say about our staffing & recruiting services...