Using Other Social Media Outlets to Build Your Brand

Your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could be getting you more friends and followers, but they might just cost you a job. More and more potential employers are checking social media sites for applicants; sometimes even before they interview. With access to these sites on both computers and smartphones, it’s more important than ever that you work on building a professional online brand.

Whether you’re applying for a temporary position or a permanent job, the persona you build on social media matters. The impression you give to the world is one that a potential employer can expect you to also convey at work. Developing an intentional strategy for building a professional image on social media can really boost your chances for landing that dream job.

Using Other Social Media Outlets to Build Your Brand 1


This honor is awarded annually to individuals who demonstrate “outstanding accomplishments in the promotion and advancement of diversity through inclusion and strong leadership. Earning this award is evidence of the individual’s level of commitment to effectively valuing and managing diversity to achieve excellence, and make a positive difference in their organizations and communities.” – Texas Diversity Council


If you’re looking to build a brand as a part of an online community, Facebook is the place to be. You can like pages and subscribe to people that help keep you on top of the trends and innovations in your field. Knowledge of these topics could position you as leader when you’re sitting in an interview. When potential employers see that you’re engaged in these communities, they know you take your professional development seriously.


Young professionals and recent college grads should seriously consider shifting their Instagram brands from a relaxed and social persona to something more professional. Since more businesses promote their products and services on this photo-based site, employers keep an eye out for people leading these trends. Use Instagram to show your unique personality, but avoid posting any photos that may show you in a negative light. If you aren’t making good choices online, how can an employer believe that you would make good choices in the workplace?

Remember this golden rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it or do it on national television, you definitely don’t want to do it or say it on social media. What you do say, however, can leverage your image as an expert in your field and a thought leader in your industry.

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