When you’re looking for a new job opportunity, turning to a staffing firm streamlines the process and gives you access to support. In Texas, you have a wide array of recruitment agencies available, and you might assume that they’re all the same. In reality, that isn’t the case.

Partnering with Burnett Specialists – the largest local staffing firm in Texas – for your next opportunity sets you up for success in the short and long term. If you’re wondering what Burnett Specialists brings to the table and how our team can help you grow your career, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Work with the Largest Local Staffing Firm in Texas to Find Your Next Job

In Business for Nearly 50 Years

Burnett Specialists launched in 1974, giving the company nearly 50 years of history. Our focus has always been on Texas, with offices located in Houston, The Woodlands, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and San Antonio.

Texas is our home, and we value being a part of the community. Plus, our focus on the local area allows us to dig into how the local job market works, build long-lasting relationships with leading employers, and provide candidates with critical insights that national firms can’t offer. When you’re looking for a job in Texas, our expertise and relationships make a difference, allowing you to access more right-fit opportunities in less time.

Opportunities in a Wide Array of Industries

While some recruitment agencies focus heavily on just one or two industries, Burnett Specialists covers a wide array of skill areas and sectors. As a result, we can support candidates with a diverse range of skill sets, allowing us to help more professionals achieve their career goals.

The industries we cover include:

  • Accounting & Financial
  • Administrative
  • Call-Center & Customer Service
  • Convention & Event Support
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Light Industrial
  • Management
  • Real Estate
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Training
  • And More

Specialized Teams of Recruiters

At Burnett Specialists, we help candidates find positions in a wide array of fields and industries. However, each of our recruiters concentrates on a specific niche, allowing them to develop an in-depth understanding of job requirements and what it takes to thrive in these roles.

Plus, it lets our recruiters spend time getting to know individual job markets well, giving them insights that help candidates find stronger matches. That degree of focus isn’t something you see with many other staffing firms, and it makes a genuine difference to our candidates.

Multiple Position Types Available

The team at Burnett Specialists understands that candidates can have different career needs. While some are focused on long-term, full-time jobs, others prefer more flexibility. Additionally, while some job seekers are comfortable starting in a permanent position with a new company right away, others enjoy having a chance to ensure the employer is the right fit before committing.

Through Burnett Specialists, you can explore a broad selection of unique job arrangements. Direct Hire allows you to begin in a permanent position from the first day, while temporary jobs let you explore more employers or work for shorter periods. With temp-to-hire, you can try out a role and company before being presented with a permanent offer, allowing you to assess the overall fit.

Plus, we offer both full- and part-time opportunities to candidates. As a result, it’s easier to get precisely what you need from your next job.

Award-Winning Staffing Firm

Burnett Specialists is regularly recognized as one of the best staffing firms in Texas, as well as the nation. We are proud to be part of Forbes’ America’s Best Temp Staffing Firms and America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms.

Burnett Specialists’ president and founder Sue Burnett was also recognized in 2020 as one of the Most Influential Leaders in the Staffing Industry. Additionally, Burnett Specialists was recognized as one of the Best Staffing Firms to Work For in 2022.

Those are just some of the accolades Burnett Specialists has earned, and we strive to live up to them each and every day. That helps us offer a better experience to all candidates, ensuring they get everything they need for a successful job search.

Strong Core Values and Social Responsibility

At Burnett Specialists, we are guided by our core values and focus on social responsibility. As an employee-owned company, we own our opportunities, relationships, successes, and challenges, continuously striving to support our community, improve our processes, and exceed expectations at every step.

We’re also a people-first organization. When we meet with candidates, we strive to understand their unique needs, allowing us to find right-fit opportunities where they can excel and achieve their professional goals. Our guiding moral compass is always to do the right thing, putting “we” before “me” every step of the way.

Burnett Specialists also values diversity and inclusion. As a nationally certified woman-owned business, Burnett Specialists is respected as a diversity vendor. Opening career doors for everyone is one of our main priorities, ensuring professionals from all walks of life get the support and guidance they need to have a successful job search.

Our team is also committed to social responsibility. For us, giving back to the community through volunteerism and charitable giving is a critical part of what we do. We are a Texas business, and we strive to do what we can to help Texans and others in need thrive.

Are You Looking for New Job Opportunities in Texas? Burnett Specialists Can Help!

As the largest local staffing firm in Texas, Burnett Specialists is ready to support your job search journey. Whether you’re looking to further your current career, make a change and explore new industries, or secure your first job, Burnett Specialists can help you find the right-fit opportunities quickly. Plus, you’ll get ample support and guidance along the way, taking the stress out of securing a new position.

By partnering with Burnett Specialists, you can start your journey toward a new position quickly and efficiently. For a candidate experience unlike any other, Burnett Specialists is here. Learn more about the available jobs and how our services can benefit you today.

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